Will This App Improve Trucking Via Transparency?

By: ClassADrivers.com

Although COVID-19 has heavily disrupted the trucking industry, it is not the first time the market has abruptly changed. Melton Technologies promises to optimize the supply chain process with their recently announced app HorizonGo.

Melton Technologies’ press release points to how e-commerce altered haul frequency and freight type seemingly overnight. And truckers know that despite the fickle demands of the market frequently affecting freight, many trucking companies are ill-prepared for sudden transitions.

This software is designed to help truck drivers and other interested parties anticipate market changes into the future. And Melton Technologies says they are focused on one thing: transparency.

How HorizonGo Works

The HorizonGo app is designed to promote easy access of information. The goal is to allow everyone involved in a shipment (fleet manager, shipper, receiver) to have an overview of the entire fleet management process. These people should know the when, why, and how of a shipment from beginning to end.

To further elaborate, HorizonGo provides complete transparency for every delivery that is completed via the app. As a result, truck drivers and other parties can see how each haul is managed.

HorizonGo will offer information on the following with instant touchscreen access:

  • Load assignment
  • New hauls available
  • If a run is spoken for
  • When a shipment is delivered
  • Updates on potential cancelation
  • Billing data
  • Pickup times
  • Delivery expectations
  • Live map view of delivery
  • Driver settlement options

Should Truck Drivers Care?

At first glance, this type of information can be valuable for owner-operators, specifically, to determine whether or not a company is worth working with in the future. The app could also be used by company drivers to leverage the transparency to get better rates, different hauls, or more rights (especially if working with a union). Information can be power.

And hopefully, the trucking companies and freight brokers themselves can use this information to optimize their own processes and stay dynamic and successful.

In their press release, the President of HorizonGo, Chuck Melton said, “The impact on the economy has been devastating. In spite of this crisis, or maybe because of this crisis, we have to look forward. HorizonGo is our way of lifting our industry partners and reinvigorating the supply chain.”

Melton also discloses on the HorizonGo website that they are focused on providing the main things truckers want as listed below.

  • Transparency
  • Customization
  • Little to no paperwork
  • Improved cash flow
  • Fast updates
  • Fleet management and communication on a mobile device

So what do truck drivers think about this new app from Melton Technologies? For more information about the app, go here.