Why Brands Should Celebrate Truck Drivers

By: ClassADrivers.com

Essential workers have endured a lot over the past year. Of those mandated to work through the pandemic, truck drivers kept the economy running by delivering essential goods to the whole country. Despite early runs on grocery stores, it wasn’t long before consumers were able to grab as many rolls of toilet paper as their hearts desired.

That’s why Jones Soda is celebrating truck drivers and the meaningful contributions drivers made to our health, country, and economy during our time of need.

How Jones Soda is Honoring Truck Drivers

Jones Soda, a beverage and candy manufacturer, is typically known for their unique product labels. In case you are not familiar, Jones Soda uses a design template for their bottles that has a large space left blank for images. Each free space is routinely updated with user-submitted content that gets hand-picked by Jones Soda.

To honor truck drivers as part of their “Unsung Heroes” campaign, Jones Soda has chosen to print 50,000 bottles with a photograph of local driver Jake Shellum holding his daughter Chevelle in front of a big rig.

In a press release issued by Jones Soda, the company outlines the hardships truckers faced while trying to complete runs during the coronavirus outbreak:

“In the beginning of the pandemic, drivers were having difficulties finding places to park and rest, as well as finding places open to eat… A lot of states closed restaurants, dine-in truck stops and truck stop showers.”

The press release continues, “The transportation industry also faced challenges including supply chain disruptions causing drivers to work longer hours. Drivers are struggling to protect their health while out on the road, but thousands of drivers like Shellum continued working in order to keep up with demand and provide for their families.”

The photograph of Jake and his daughter represents the truck drivers that kept going despite the struggle. Production of the 50,000 bottles featuring the trucking related image is set to start in January 2021.

Shellum says it’s “an honor” to be part of Jones Soda’s Unsung Heroes Campaign. Jake added “I feel like I’m carrying a lot on my shoulders representing all truck drivers.”

Why Brands Should Celebrate Truck Drivers

Without a doubt, COVID-19 proved how important essential workers are to society. These integral individuals faced many personal setbacks and still put their own health at risk to ensure food and necessary goods were available to all Americans.

Truck drivers went above and beyond during the crisis to deliver the goods, and as production of vaccines ramps up, they continue to be the essential workers that America deserves. Thank you, truckers!