Truck Drivers – What to Do if You’re Laid Off


Truckers are in high demand right now. So no one in the industry should be laid off. Right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works.

Founded in 1918, New England Motor Freight is filing bankruptcy. As a result, they’re laying off over 1,600 workers. Many of them are truck drivers.

According to New England representatives, the combination of overhead fees and driver shortage led to this decision. The sad news appears to be an isolated event.

However, that doesn’t mean other trucking companies are immune to the same financial troubles. In an age of mass consolidation of mega-corporations, smaller trucking companies may find themselves vulnerable. If other companies fall victim to the same financial issues, truckers are going to have to find work.

Finding the Right Truck Driving Job

As a trucker, you’ve worked hard to get where you’re at. And you’re rightfully proud of that fact. All of the miles you covered and the stuff you’ve dealt with transformed you into a seasoned veteran.

But if you get laid off, it can feel as if you’re back to square one. Sure, finding a trucking company is easy. But it can be more difficult to find one that hauls the type of freight you want, with the home time you expect, and the benefits you previously enjoyed.

And you also want to find a trucking company that respects its drivers with good communication. Some trucking companies value experience and loyalty while others just want to put warm butts in the driver’s seat.

Finding all this information when speaking to recruiters is difficult. And it can lead to a lot of downtime and wasted effort.Those are two things you don’t want when you’re watching your bank account numbers tick away.

A Great Solution

Fortunately, makes it easy. Our website is designed to help truckers get in touch with the trucking companies they want to work for.

Here’s how it works: You register and create an account, and we put you in touch with the trucking companies that you want to talk to.

Yeah, that’s it. Pretty simple. And our free system is designed to take a hefty burden off of unemployed trucker’s shoulders.

We’ll match you with trucking companies according to your profile, and the ones that are hiring can contact you directly. This means finding companies that you want to work for – freight, miles, home time, the works.

Hopefully more layoffs are not on the horizon.But if they are, you can avoid having to deal with a bunch of job-hunting hardships by registering with Class A Drivers.