Truck Driver Safety Measures for Highway Driving



Whether you’re driving with 18 wheels or 4 highway driving can be dangerous. Statistics from the Association for Safe International Road Travel states that over 37000 people in the United States die in road accidents every year. That’s more than 100 people per day! To avoid accidents like this happening below are some tips for safe driving on the highway –

1. Stay Updated on Weather Conditions

Weather is a significant factor in your driving experience and affects your safety as well as the safety of the drivers around you. By staying updated on the weather conditions of the area you are in as well as the location you are driving to could help prepare you for the worst. Many accidents could have been avoided if the driver had been well informed of the road conditions they were about to enter.

To make sure you’re always staying updated two of the best free apps for iOS and Android are Weather Undergound and RainAware.

2. Stay Alert and Pay Attention

No matter how comfortable you become manning your truck it is important to always stay alert and in full control of your vehicle. This means no texting and driving! While technological advancements have made driving a lot smarter it does not give any driver the luxury to slack off. So if you’re tired pull over; if you notice you’re not paying attention get off the road. It is crucial to pay attention for your safety and the safety of those around you.

3.  Avoid Tailgating

We’re all guilty of it there’s that one driver who isn’t going to pace of the rest of traffic and you feel the need to pressure them to speed up. However this is how accidents happen. By not giving the driver their space you are also not allowing yourself time to react to any sudden situations. The safety of your goods and the lives of other road users can be guaranteed when you follow the best safety measures while driving.

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