Truck Driver Parking in the News – More Spots Needed


Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

Despite the attention paid to truck driver parking in debates over infrastructure and the supply chain and awareness raised by Jason’s Law, safe parking remains one of the top issues for truck drivers in America.

Particularly in urban areas, truck drivers often have difficulty finding open spots near their shippers and receivers. This problem is then aggravated by the fact that truck drivers have strict limits for driving time, due to Hours of Service regulations.

This often results in drivers finding available parking when and where they can, and sometimes that is in an unsafe area such as on the shoulder of a highway or abandoned lot.

Once Upon a Parking Spot in Queens

An example of the recent truck parking problem recently flared up in Queens, NY.

Mayor Eric Adams, elected officials, and law enforcement made a public statement criticizing the amount of trucks parked on residential streets.

NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeff Maddrey announced a new initiative called “Operation Heavy Duty Enforcement” would cite and tow commercial vehicles parked illegally on the roads in the neighborhood.

Residents sent many complaints over the trucks, and the initiative was launched as a result.

Mayor Adams did express sympathy for the truck drivers who needed a place to rest, and some efforts were signaled that the city would look into addressing commercial vehicle parking by providing additional space at JFK Airport.

Love’s Truck Stops Show the Love

On the bright side, Love’s Truck Stops continue to invest in new facilities that provide adequate parking for truck drivers.

A new stop in Washington will provide 57 truck parking spaces. This 13,000 square-foot store will also provide seven diesel bays, five showers, laundry facilities, a dog park and an Arby’s.

A new Love’s in Minnesota will provide 84 parking spots. This 12,000 square-foot store will also provide nine diesel bays, ten showers, laundry facilities, a dog park, Speedco, and both a Godfather’s Pizza and a Hardee’s.

A Systemic Parking Issue

Love’s is doing a great job, and perhaps Mayor Adams can negotiate new space at JFK Airport for NY truck drivers. But it’s not enough.

It’s clear that truck driver parking is scarce across the nation, and more heavy investments need to be made. The recent infrastructure package was a good start for our roads and bridges for the nation’s truckers. Now, we need parking.