Truck Driver Busted for Illegally Transporting 75 Migrants


Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Agents from the Falfurrias Border Patrol were interrogating a truck driver when a Border Patrol canine alerted the agents to something suspicious in his trailer. The dog was correct. When the agents opened the trailer doors, 75 migrants were inside the reefer, trying to stay warm.

If the driver had left the migrants alone, they would have been unable to escape, as the doors were locked from the outside. The driver was arrested, and all migrants were taken in by the Border Patrol. The migrants were all from Central America and Mexico.

Not the First Time

This recent incident follows another arrest for transporting migrants. Truck driver Aron Bernard Griffin was arrested after 41 undocumented immigrants were found in his trailer.

Griffin confessed that he had made an agreement with a third-party to transport the migrants from Laredo to San Antonio for some extra cash. He now faces a potential sentence of 10 years if convicted. The arrangement is not going to work out in his favor.

All the migrants were detained.

Operation Big Rig

Despite the risk of prison time for truck drivers, many are willing to tempt fate and try to illegally smuggle human beings across the border. The government has been running a program “Operation Big Rig” which tries to educate new truck drivers on the dangers of human trafficking as well as how to identify other trailers that may be transporting human cargo.

The “Operation Big Rig” program was started after a particularly horrific incident in San Antonio, Texas, where 10 migrants were discovered dead and 27 others required hospitalization after being found in the back of a trailer. The driver was arrested and faces life in prison.

If you see anything suspicious regarding human trafficking or smuggling, please call 800-863-9382.