This Truck Driving Championship Shows Your Moves


Today, we’re going to shine a headlight on a fun competition. Every year, the Motor Carriers of Montana holds their Truck Driving Championship to let truckers show off their driving skills. And this event is so popular it has occurred annually for over a few decades now.

The latest competition occurred last week at Montana’s Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds. Are you interested in entering next year?

Let’s discuss how the event got started, what it takes to enter, and more down below.

Origins of the Truck Driving Championship

According to Barry Stang, Vice President of Motor Carriers of Montana, or MCM, the event was started by a member of the MCM board of directors. But this wasn’t any board member. It was the person most committed to safety practices!

The original idea behind the event was to showcase what truckers are capable of as well as encourage best safety practices. For example, during the first event, truckers were required to maneuver around hay bales, a feat that displays the five attending trucker’s precision in driving.

Since then, the competition has expanded to include over 45 truckers and many more events. The tasks have only become more challenging.

Competition Challenges

Throughout the competition, truckers are asked to tackle a series of high-level challenges. These range from navigating between barrels on a curvy course to taking 90-degree turns. Each of these maneuvers are graded based on accuracy.

How close can a trucker get to a hazard without actually hitting it?

In order to maintain the original mission of inspiring safety, truck drivers also take a written test and inspect semi-trucks to see if they pass safety standards.

Although the test and inspection may be a bit of a turn off for some, those ready to show-off their know how are rewarded. The winner earns bragging rights and respect from other truckers. But most importantly, they earn right to compete in the National Truck Driving Championship, which is set to occur in Pittsburgh this year sometime in August.

How To Enter

Only truckers with a good safety record are allowed to compete. That means a total of zero accidents in the last year. Unfortunately, if you are not from Montana, you will not be able to enter into their annual truck driving championship.

To qualify in the event held by the Motor Carriers of Montana, you have to be from there. But that doesn’t have to be the end of your championship dreams.

Montana is not alone in their annual event. Other states, such as Kentucky and Alabama, hold their own event each year. All leading up to the big national competition.

Truckers that are ready to show off their impressive trucking skills should make inquiries with their trucking company as to whether or not they will be competing in their local event.