Should All Trucks Be Equipped With These New Cameras?


Even more than four-wheelers, truck drivers rely heavily on their mirrors, but mirrors are not foolproof. Semi-trucks have large blind spots which can result in an accident if drivers are not constantly aware of their surroundings.

To improve safety in the future, tech firms are exploring ways to expand visual range for truckers.

What is a MirrorEye® System?

In theory, replacing mirrors with a system of cameras and monitors would make it possible for truckers to see more than ever before.

To determine the feasibility, Stoneridge developed a camera monitoring system known as MirrorEye®. This camera monitoring system, or CMS, is supposed to achieve the following.

  • Expand view
  • Eliminate most blind spots
  • Provide wide, narrow, and passenger-side camera views
  • Individual feeds for cameras to avoid total visual shut down
  • Real-time images lack delay
  • Visual feed is augmented to prioritize visual quality even in poor visibility situations
  • Automatically track end of the trailer to potentially eliminate right-hand turn accidents
  • Improve fuel economy by about 2.5% by removing the need for mirrors

To confirm the CMS worked as intended, Stoneridge relied on the following companies and their drivers to test the device over the course of 2 million miles.

  • Maverick Transportation
  • J.B. Hunt
  • Schneider

When the testing phase was complete, the drivers gave the new system high-reviews, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration approved the MirrorEye® for commercial use. To-date, the CMS from Stoneridge is the only one to be federally-approved.

According to Jon DeGaynor, Stoneridge President and CEO, “The MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System empowers truck drivers to avoid potential collisions by the elimination of certain blind spots, expansion of their field of view and increased awareness of the truck’s surroundings.”

Who is Using the MirrorEye® System?

Tyson is the biggest name to jump on the new camera system, and the company’s fleet of refrigerated trucks are now equipped with the CMS. According to a report from Tyson, the company invested over $500 million to have the MirrorEye® System installed in every truck.

According to Kyle Neely, Senior Vice President of Distribution at Tyson Foods, “Installing MirrorEye® is about helping drivers make better, more informed driving decisions”.

Neely went on to state “When drivers have a more complete and real-time view of their surroundings, they’re able to do their job even better. As a carrier of choice and industry leader, we have a responsibility to improve the safety of our drivers, as well as everyone on the road.”

Given the excellent reviews, do you think the MirrorEye® system should be installed on all semi trucks?