Roehl Welcomes Back Former Truck Drivers


When a trucking company announces a mass rehire, that’s a great sign for the industry and drivers alike. So when Roehl announced on October 21st that they are willing to hire on former truckers after the COVID layoffs, we wanted to give you the first scoop.

Roehl Relaunch Program

Roehl, also known as Roehl Transport, aims to bulk up the company driver roster via a unique hire-on plan dubbed the Roehl Relaunch Program. Should the new program be successful, the trucking company estimates 300 truckers will join the team.

According to the press release, ideal candidates are former truck drivers that transitioned to other industries, regardless of whether the new occupation is or was driving-related.

Tim Norlin, Vice President of Driver Employment for Roehl, stated the program is “For all the former drivers seeking to relaunch their CDL careers” and that “Roehl is prepared to help resharpen their driving skills while also recognizing their prior experience as a commercial vehicle driver.”

In an effort to speed up the hire-to-drive process, the program ensures prior experience is fairly accounted for. To elaborate, Class A CDL drivers do not start out at entry-level pay if they have past driving experience. Instead, those that pass the program are offered $0.59 per mile which is roughly $1,200 a week or $64,000 a year.

Not a Normal Hiring Event

Although truckers do need a current Class A CDL, the Roehl Relaunch Program is not the same as a regular hiring event. Rather than just targeting rookie drivers, the credit-backed program aims to employ experienced and overqualified drivers even if they are, or were, in a non-driving position.

As an added bonus, candidates that complete the program are to be hired on before the end of the year and earn an extra $0.02 cents per mile until the end of January 2021. That said, the main offer from Roehl is not a seasonal deal. The trucking firm plans to keep all drivers employed once the holiday season ends.

To reassure drivers about the motives of the program, Norlin announced “The Roehl Relaunch Program creates additional driving opportunities — in time for the holidays — and demand for our services is at an all-time high as we enter the peak season for shipping”.

The VP also went on to encourage former drivers to apply by saying, “No matter your experience level — from seasoned veteran to a former driver seeking to get back into trucking to someone looking to get your CDL — Roehl is a stable carrier that will support you.”