RIP to “Pissed Off Trucker”


Image from TikTok

TikTok has become a popular platform for truck drivers. With the ability to view quick bite-sized videos and connect with people around the world, TikTok became a nice outlet for drivers working from inside their vehicle for the better part of 14 hours each day.

Truck drivers themselves often post videos and discuss the career, and one particularly successful driver amassed nearly 200,000 followers on the site.

Despite his handle of “pissed_off_trucker”, Steven Hull Raley usually had a smile on his face and was downright jovial when chatting to his camera.

Raley would discuss life as a truck driver, his family, and his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Unfortunately, Raley passed away either during or after his truck crashed in Kansas, as reported by

Details of the incident are still developing, but Raley crashed on the I-70 around 1:30, according to reports.

A police patrol said that Raley’s semi-truck went off the road, through a Kansas Department of Transportation fence. The truck continued forward for about a quarter-mile, turned back, and crashed through the fence again. Raley’s truck then crossed both lanes of I-70 before coming to a rest in a ditch.

Raley was only 52-years-old. You can still view his videos on TikTok.

Whether Raley had a health incident prior to the erratic moves of his vehicle or whether he was killed by the crash, his death shines a light on the fact that truck driving is a dangerous job.

In addition to the hazards of constantly being on the road with other moving vehicles, truck drivers work long hours in a sedentary position. Both potential crashes and issues such as obesity and sleep apnea are risks for truck drivers across the nation.

This career is a rewarding one, but please be careful on the road. Always perform your pre-trip inspections, pay attention to all surrounding vehicles, and take good care of your meals and health.

Rest in Peace to a great example for positivity in truck driving – “Pissed Off Trucker” Steven Hull Raley.