Outstanding Driver Named by National Carriers

By: National Carriers

National Carriers is pleased to announce company driver Freddie White has been named Driver of the Month for July 2014. National Carriers uses a strict criteria when choosing a driver of the month. White met or exceeded all requirements which determines National Carriers Driver of the Month.

National Carriers presented White with a bonus check for $500 at their office in Liberal KS. He has been employed at NCI since August of 2011. White’s third year anniversary with National Carriers coincided with being named driver of the month. The Baton Rouge LA resident is now eligible for the Driver of the Year award for 2014.

White’s driver manager Jeff Chance said “The old marketing adage went something like: product price promotion and place. The best product is not worth much if it is not at the right place at the right time.  The professional driver is the last link in getting products to distribution centers – the right place. Freddie White plans his day (or night) coordinating his hours of service loading/unloading times his route/traffic conditions/weather and optimal fuel stops before he starts each trip.  It is an art and a science.

“Anyone who goes to the store takes for granted products will be there. But we should not as it would take a short time for the shelves to empty should Freddie and thousands of others not keep the supply chain moving day and night on holidays and in inclement weather. In the not so old days stores would not be open at night or on holidays. Now society is 24/7 and inventories are not in warehouses but on trailers that must arrive “just in time” Jeff continued.

“Freddie is a quiet unassuming person who has a great work ethic takes pride in a job well done and consistently arrives on time to pick up and deliver the many products NCI transports.  It has been my pleasure to be able to work with him. Everyone should take a week and ride along to experience what it takes to keep our modern civilization stitched together” Jeff concluded.

National Carriers is a diversified motor carrier servicing all 48 states in the continental United States with transportation offerings which include refrigerated livestock and logistic services. At National Carriers our mission is to be the safest most customer-focused and successful motor carrier in our class. Our team consists of only the Elite driving and office professionals.

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