Nominate a Woman Trucker for WiT Award


women in trucking

Trucking is a challenging job, but drivers are paid well. On average, truckers are bringing in more than $70,000 a year. And that’s not including the impressive hire-on bonuses being issued these days.

Sign-on bonuses have started getting massive over the past year. In some areas, record breaking hire-on bonuses of $6,000 are being offered.

Despite this, the trucking industry is experiencing an ongoing shortage of truckers. Especially when it comes to women drivers. Only 6% of truck drivers are women nationwide.

Which is quite a shame considering how well they perform out in the field.

Review the Stats

Although there are less women driving out there than men, stats show lady truckers do better out on the road. To figure this information out, 200 trucking records for the year was reviewed. Of that group, 100 were men and the other women. Here’s what the data shows.

  • Out of all new hires, women are 14% more likely to stick with trucking career
  • Women had 10% fewer accidents over the past year
  • Log records show women drive 2,000 more miles on average each month
  • Added miles may have something to do with when the truck is not in motion, aka Dwell Time. Women had 20 fewer dwell logged than men, which means they saved and made trucking companies lots of money

Needless to say, women truckers are definitely doing their fair share of work out there, which is why we support Women in Trucking’s effort to recruit more women.

The 2019 Distinguished Women in Logistics Award

To encourage women to work in the trucking and end the trucker shortage, we need to get the word out about the occupation. A great way to do this is by honoring those currently working in the field for their hard work and dedication.

Lucky for us, Women in Trucking is doing just that with the Distinguished Women in Logistics Award. This annual honor is only given to exceptional women working in North America’s logistics industry. Award-worthy traits include being a trailblazer, making noteworthy achievements, and being areal go-getter in their district.

Sound Like Someone You Know?

Odds are you know someone that deserves to win the DWLA. To do so, find out the name or organization the high-achiever you want to nominate. Then, provide a description as to why you feel they deserve to win. Key things to include are how they contributed or improved a situation.

Once you have this info make your nomination here. You’ll also need some other details, such as your personal contact information, in order

If you are unsure about some of the information or about who to vote for, don’t worry. The vote doesn’t close until February 8th. Winner will be announced April 12th, 2019.