Infrastructure Bill Passes in Huge Win for Truck Drivers


Photo by Manny Ribera on Unsplash

The disrepair of American infrastructure is no secret to America’s most valuable workers – our truck drivers. For multiple presidential administrations, infrastructure projects have been promised to fix our failing infrastructure, only for those bills to die on Capitol Hill.

Finally, an infrastructure bill has passed in a huge win for the truck drivers who are actually responsible for driving on the roads and bridges that have long been neglected.

Response from the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has lobbied for a long time for infrastructure improvements. Trucking companies know that infrastructure projects will pay for themselves, due to increased fuel mileage, less wear ‘n’ tear on their equipment, and most importantly the improved safety of the drivers.

The American Trucking Association applauded the passage of the infrastructure bill with a statement saying that, “Roads and bridges are not political—we all drive on them. A majority in the House realized this today and did what’s right for the country, not themselves.

The ATA referenced the many past failures of Congress when they stated, “After countless hearings and meetings on Capitol Hill, ATA members will finally see the fruits of their labor—a 38% increase in road and bridge funding, and an infusion of highly-trained, younger talent into our workforce.”

What’s In the Infrastructure Bill?

The infrastructure bill includes $550 billion of new investments in infrastructure over the next five years. Specifically, $110 billion is earmarked for new roads, bridges, and other physical infrastructure. This is less than the $159 billion originally requested from the Biden administration, but the trucking industry will take what we can get from the politicians in Washington!

$40 billion will be spent on bridge repair and replacement, which should greatly improve safety for those truck drivers who haul tons of freight over our nation’s current fragile bridges. According to the White House, this is the largest investment in bridges since the interstate highway system was originally developed in the 1950s.

The bill also includes funding for transit, rail, broadband, airports, EV chargers, and improvement to the electrical grid.

The legislation will add $350 to the federal deficit, but the trucking industry has delivered a singular response: “We are worth it!”