Navajo Express Begins Guaranteed Pay Program for Drivers

By: Navajo Express

DENVER Colorado – Navajo Express has announced plans to roll out a new driver pay program for new and existing drivers. Starting June 1st all new drivers with less than five years of driving experience who are available to
work will now be offered guaranteed daily pay for their first year of employment with Navajo. Current drivers will also see an increase to their mileage rates and the company will be offering $1000 for new driver referrals up
from $500 in previous years.

“We realized that we were looking at the way we paid our drivers the wrong way. This new guaranteed pay program allows new drivers to become comfortable with the way we do business and assures that they are taking
the time to learn all of the Navajo process and procedures” quoted Becky Mackintosh Vice President of Navajo Express. “This change not only benefits the driver which is the key but it also extends to other areas of the
business by improving on our safety and customer service. By doing things right from the start we are setting our drivers and our business up for continued success.”

The move is designed to not only assist in the recruitment of new driver talent to the company but will also serve as a tool for driver retention. “We are making a commitment to our drivers that they mean much more to us than just miles. We want to be able to give them guaranteed daily pay for being available to work. This takes the pressure off of them and puts it where it belongs on the support staff in the office. This is our way of showing our drivers they are important and we are building our company around them” said Don Digby Jr. President of Navajo Express.

The change in driver pay is expected to be a multi-million dollar investment over the course of the next year. Additional emphasis will also be placed on driver training and safe operating policies to further the driver-centric
focus of Navajo.

New drivers can apply for open driving positions by visiting or by calling 303.287.3800 to speak to a member of the Navajo Recruiting Team.

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