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    Koch Companies a Silver Sponsor

On Saturday October 21st Koch Companies had the privilege of participating in the “World’s Largest Truck Convoy.”


Truckers met at a staging location on the east side of the Mall of America and were given a Presidential Escort in a convoy along the 18 mile route back to the Mall of America.  Upon their return they were welcomed by the Special Olympics community – athletes families friends colleagues law enforcement officers; and the organizations companies and agencies that make up the trucking industry.


The message of the celebration was loud and clear: “Thank you for your support of Special Olympics athletes and for keeping our communities moving!”


According to the Special Olympics website the convoy is an international fundraising and awareness event.  The Truck Convoy has been officially recognized by Guinness World’s Records as the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for the past six years. The event is a unique partnership between law enforcement and truckers to raise funds for Special Olympics so they can continue to train in year-round sports activities.  Officers involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics have made the Truck Convoy one of their many annual signature events.


“Special Olympics has a way of bringing everyone together setting aside differences and building atmospheres of acceptance” said Corp. Norm Schneiderhan Truck Convoy creator. “The fact that Special Olympics can bring together law enforcement and truckers is a testament to how the athletes of Special Olympics are a true inspiration.  Every mile a trucker travels during the Truck Convoy equals a change in attitudes toward the athletes of Special Olympics.”


The Truck Convoy was conceived in 2001 by Corp. Schneiderhan Special Project Coordinator for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Schneiderhan who drove a truck for about three years in his father’s trucking company before he entered the field of law enforcement launched the event for Special Olympics as a way to call attention to the organization among truckers. 


By Jessica Hanke


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