John Hall: Hard Working and Dedicated Driver Retires After 40 Years

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Birmingham Alabama ? John Hall has been a dedicated and hard working Owner Operator for CRST Malone for the past 40 years.  Having driven trucks since the early 1950s Hall is truly an experienced and knowledgeable individual in the trucking industry.  Recently upon reaching the admirable milestone of driving for CRST Malone for 40 years John Hall retired from the trucking industry. 


Hall first became interested in truck driving by watching his father who was in the trucking business.  Hall began his own trucking career by hauling lumber and cinder blocks in the early 1950s and working with his older brother hauling cattle.  In February of 1966 Hall began what would turn out to be a long and successful career as an Owner Operator for CRST Malone.  When asked what he liked best about working for CRST Malone Hall says ?I liked the people money was good and I could always get help with problems easily.?


John Hall is a committed and driven individual not only in his career but also in all other aspects of his life as well.  Not only has he been a respected and highly recognized Owner Operator for CRST Malone for over half his life but he also has a successful and happy family life.  He has been happily married to his wife Doris for 30 years and has many siblings children and grandchildren that he is very proud of.  Having time off is an important thing for a family man like Hall who adds that another one of the many positive things he experienced while driving for CRST Malone was ?There was always good time off and the loads and miles were consistent.?  Hall adds that in his spare time he enjoys ?working on lawnmowers playing the harmonica and accordion and helping the neighborhood kids fix their bikes and go-carts.?


Throughout his career with Malone Hall was able to see many different places across the country and had the rare opportunity to do what he truly loved to do every day- drive a truck.  Hall?s advice for people who may be thinking about becoming a truck driver is to ?Pick a company that?s financially sound and has good freight and rates.?  Hall states that he has always recommended CRST Malone to others and tells them to ?Be prompt be honest and treat customers with respect.?   With knowledge experience and dedication such as Hall?s one can easily see why he was such a successful and respected Owner Operator with CRST Malone for the past 40 years.
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