How Do Truck Drivers Choose Their Jobs?


Photo by Lucian Novosel on Unsplash

If you’ve got a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a willingness to hit the road, then you’ve probably got a job waiting for you. Truck drivers are in high demand, and we’ve covered the ways that companies are working hard to attract new drivers.

Trucking companies are raising wages, offering new benefits, presenting sign-on bonuses, and giving more flexibility for home time… all in an effort to bring more drivers to their fleet.

But how do the truck drivers themselves select which company to apply to? We finally have some data to explain.

How Commercial Truck Drivers Choose a Job

A new spring 2022 survey from Conversion Interactive Agency and PDA brough that question directly to truck drivers themselves. What are the most influential factors when choosing a trucking job?

According to the survey, here’s how they answered:

72% of truck drivers said that the most influential factor is online reviews from other drivers. This makes sense in a trucking industry with such lofty offers being made to truck drivers. There’s only one way to know which trucking company is telling the truth and which one is blowing hot air – the word of other truck drivers.

At Class A Drivers, we offer an online forum for thousands of registered drivers to discuss their real experiences with trucking companies.

71% of truck drivers said that the job descriptions were the next most influential factor in choosing a job to apply to. It should come as no surprise that pay and home time were the factors that most drivers looked to first.

At Class A Drivers, we provide the ability to search through job descriptions from a number of companies. But we also know that drivers love the ability to sign up for a CAD Driver Profile, so we can send their application out to many trucking companies at once, greatly improving their chance to find a job that fits what they’re looking for.

Only 31% of truck drivers considered online articles and blogs about a trucking company or job to be the most influential factor in their decision.