Holiday Charity: Check Out These Drivers!


Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash

Truck drivers make a lot of sacrifices for their families and for the good of the US economy. People who sit behind the wheel of a semi often spend more than 50 hours a week doing their jobs. Over-the-road drivers spend weeks away from home. Lifestyle and health take a backseat towards putting food on the table.

For the holiday season, Class A Drivers would like to highlight another group of drivers. This charitable group may not fit the typical long-haul lifestyle, but they do get behind the wheel for an amazing cause.

START Rescue is an organization that transports dogs and cats from high-kill shelters to rescues, where they can find homes and families that will love and care for them. Operating mostly on the West Coast, the organization boasts that it can save the lives of over 100 animals in a mere 24-hour window.

Logistics and Supply Chain… of Rescues

When many people think about shelters and rescues, they don’t realize the logistics of getting a stray dog off the street, into a shelter, and then from that shelter to a rescue organization that can find the dog a home.

With overcrowded shelters with limited space, these places are required to find an animal an immediate home or euthanize the poor creature. The reality for many cities and municipalities is that there are more dogs or cats than there are people that want to adopt them.

That’s where START Rescue comes in. By transporting animals from overcrowded shelters to rescues where the animals can either (1) be immediately adopted or (2) live safely until the right family is found, then START can save lives. By the hundreds!

The logistics of transporting dogs and cats is critical, and START Rescue relies on donations to keep doing their important work. Their “Rescue Bus” can change the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats, and also the families who want loving pets.

Something Good for the Holidays

Inflation is hurting everyone right now. And nobody knows that more than truck drivers, coming off the disruptions of the pandemic and then driving right into the current economy.

With that disclaimer made, the holiday season is the time for charity. If our community of truck drivers would like to do something amazing and save lives, while helping out another hard-working group, please consider donating to START or becoming a sponsor.