Find a Truck Driving Job that Lasts – 3 Essential Demands for Your Potential Employer


truck drivers deserve respect


It’s no secret that trucking companies have a hard time holding onto drivers. Even though there’s a severe driver shortage and drivers are in high demand, some companies still treat drivers like a disposable commodity.

Trucking company recruiters can be a good resource, but they also work for the company. Their job is to get more drivers hired, and then drivers will never interact with them again.

At Class A Drivers, we’ve been interviewing drivers and trucking companies about the biggest problems for drivers. We asked why they left their previous trucking company and what they can do differently.

As a driver, you might not be able to change the behavior of a trucking company, but you can try to take as many precautions as you can before signing a contract.

So here are the 3 essential demands for your employer.

  1. Get Everything in Writing.

Some trucking company recruiters will say anything to get you into the seat of the cab. Make sure you get all their promises in writing, in the contract, before signing on.

Salary is a big one, but as a long-haul driver, you’ll want to know exactly how much home time you can expect. We’ve spoken to many drivers who are willing to put in the hard work and the hours of driving, but they just want transparency and honesty about their home time.

If you are promised a dedicated route, get that in writing too. If you don’t get a promise in writing, there’s no guarantee that the trucking company will deliver.

  1. Find Out the Lines of Communication.

One reasonable demand of drivers is that they want respect. They want to be treated like human beings.

Unfortunately, with many large companies, drivers feel as if they get ignored. Too many companies are disorganized in how they accept feedback.

Does the driver speak to dispatch? Or the fleet manager? How can drivers know they’re being heard?

Before you sign up with a company, find out how to register comments. You don’t have to use the word “complaints”, but ask what happens if you have an issue with your company.

The problem might not only be with your company. You might have an issue with the shipper/receiver that your company could help resolve. But without communication, these issues can end up costing you hours and even days of driving.

  1. Get Info on Benefits and High-Performance Bonuses.

One way that trucking companies can recognize drivers for their hard work is with a bonus or the offer of benefits. If a trucking company treats its high-performance drivers the same way as their low-performance drivers, then that’s a sign they find all drivers interchangeable and replaceable.

Before you choose which company, make sure you find out how drivers are recognized and what benefits are on offer. Keep in mind that drivers are in high-demand.

Even if you need a job desperately, your work has value. Make these 3 simple demands of your employer before you sign any contract.