Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

By: ClassADrivers.com

The second week of September is a special one for our industry. From September 11th to September 17th, we will be celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

On social media, you can celebrate too by using the hashtags #ThankATrucker and #NTDAW.

Truck Driver Stats

Why celebrate truck drivers? Because drivers are the most important career in the country. Just check out these stats:

  • Truck drivers deliver about 70% of all freight moved in the United States. That’s how people get their groceries, their clothes, their ecommerce deliveries, and practically any other physical good.
  • This 70% of all US freight equals about 10 billion tons of freight. That’s with a “b.”
  • The average trucker drives across 100,000 miles of road per year. That’s about 40 trips across the country. The level of safety and caution shown by truck drivers is shown by how rare accidents occur, considering such a large amount of driving.
  • Lots more people are truck drivers than you think! Up to 3.6 million drivers count themselves among the ranks of truck drivers. Although long-haul or OTR drivers typically have the most difficult jobs, due to a lack of home time, all drivers are important in keeping the supply chain moving.
  • Truck drivers help maintain safety by identifying suspicious events and persons on our highways. There are even organizations, such as Truckers Against Trafficking, that help uncover criminal networks of human trafficking.

Rewards For Truck Drivers

Some truck stops will be offering special rewards for drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

US Pilot and Flying J will show their appreciation with free drinks, discounts on food, and added perks through their app.

Love’s will be giving away 23.5 million “My Love Rewards” points, with a total prize value of more than $230,000. This will include fresh food, drinks, and even complementary sandwiches with your oil change.

So enjoy your perks, and let’s all show appreciation for the career that keeps America running – Truck Drivers.