Another Good Year for Haulin’ the Hume


They started off by posting an advertisement to see if anyone would be interested in joining their crusade and in the first year’s trip there were 143 trucks. This years’ 172 mile drive included over 300 drivers and raised over $40000; which was donated to the Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) charity and to build a playground in Yass for those children.

 Haulin’ the Hume is a great way to get people together and honor trucks their drivers and all of the hard work that they do. As an added perk there are recognition awards that go out to different trucks to show appreciation for all of the hard work that is put in every day. As the event gets older and gains notoriety the larger and more successful the event is.

This is just the beginning for Haulin’ of the Hume. Interested in getting involved?  Check out their website here –

The Bob Speechley Heritage Preservation Award was awarded to Bob Taylor for his International and single axle McGrath that was purchased by his father in May 1972.

John Ross and his 86 W Model Kenworth won the ‘Chris Pezzutti Memorial Award’ for Best Working Kenworth. Ross rebuilt it with Airglide Suspension and a Signature engine.

It’s a nice shot in the arm too and a way of commemorating the history of the transport industry.” Bruce Gunter

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