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Dickey Howard has been driving professionally for over 34 years and driving as an Owner Operator with CRST Malone for 14 years. ?I love it here at Malone. The people are great the company is great and no other Owner Operator company can offer what they do.? Dickey has also racked up more than 3 million miles in safe driving during his career and an Owner Operator of the Year award in 1999 while at Malone.

Dickey first became interested in truck driving when the factory he worked at decided to go on strike. From there he drove a tow truck and then a dump trailer. This soon led to flatbeds and side kits with CRST Malone. ?You know I have looked at other potential business partners in the industry but no one does it better than Malone. If there was a better deal I would take it but there is not!?

?I love being my own boss and partnering with CRST Malone. It?s like owning your own business but someone else is paying the bills!? Dickey goes on to say ?The industry is not like it used to be. All drivers on the road were like family regardless of who you ran for. Today it?s a dog eat dog world.?

Dickey now drives part time spending only a few days a week on the road. ?I spend a lot of my time with the family. I have four grandchildren and I love watching them play sports. Particularly softball and baseball I never miss a game. These are the best years of my life and the kids make you feel like your life was more than a success. Make sure you get the home time and hang out with your family.? Dickey also loves cruising on his motorcycle during the weekends.

Dickey Howard on Hurricane Katrina Relief:

?Helping out with the relief was my duty. This was such a fulfilling experience knowing that you are helping people who need it. Seeing the evacuees was such a wake up call. Any one could be in that situation; you never know what the Lord has in store for you.? And it was not just the driver of Malone that helped out. The communities where the drivers lived contributed so much love to the efforts. ?The community really helped out. I was so surprised at the outcome; the message was all over the newspaper radio and TV. People from all over the area brought so much stuff it was unbelievable. The youth of the area also really surprised me. I could not believe how much was donated.?
CRST Malone is also offering employment opportunities for qualified CDL-A drivers and dispatchers.

CRST Malone is headquartered in Birmingham Alabama and currently partners with over 1500 owner operators running throughout the contiguous United States. For more information about becoming a CRST Malone Owner Operator call 1-800-366-6361 or visit www.crstmalone.com.

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