National Carriers Announces Million Mile Safe Driving Awards

By: National Carriers

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     National Carriers, Inc. has recently awarded Johnny Malone a Three Million Mile Safe Driving award. CJ Strydom and Rubner Sabolvarro have each been recognized with a One Million Mile Safe Driving Award. Each driver has driven safely without accident or incident during this period while at National Carriers. The recipients received an embossed plaque, embroidered hat and a personalized embroidered winter jacket during their recognition.

     Johnny Malone has been an owner operator at National Carriers since October of 1993. He works within the NCI 48 State Division and is a resident of Henderson, NC.  Malone stated, “NCI is a good place to work, it has its bad and good points, but the good outweighs the bad. If you are willing to work, NCI will let you work and help you anyway they can.” Malone has been in the transportation business for the past 34 years.

     Cornelis (CJ) Strydom owns and operates a fleet of trucks within the livestock division at National Carriers. Originally from South Africa, Strydom has made Hooker, OK his adopted home over the past nine years. Compliance manager, Heather Wright, shared, “CJ is very conscientious of safety both inside and outside of the truck. Whether handling cattle or operating his truck among the motoring public, CJ puts safety first.”

     Rubner Sobalvarro owns and operates a small fleet of trucks within the livestock division at National Carriers. Sobalvarro and his family reside in Liberal, KS. He began working at NCI in December of 2002. Before moving to the livestock division, Sobalvarro transported refrigerated freight for NCI. Director of the livestock division, Jason Greer said, “Rubner will do anything you ask him to do. This safe driving recognition only confirms his commitment to doing his job professionally and safely.”

     National Carriers is a diversified motor carrier servicing all 48 states in the continental United States with transportation offerings which include refrigerated, livestock, and logistics services. At National Carriers, our mission is "to be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful motor carrier in our class." Our team consists of only the Elite driving and office professionals.

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