5 Mobile Apps Every Trucker Should Know About

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There has been a recent wave of startups and developers releasing mobile apps focused on helping truckers save money and time. These apps range from turning extra room inside trucks into extra cash to saving truckers time by legally bypassing weigh stations and inspections sites. After all truckers can’t afford to waste time or capacity since that’s just money down the drain.

With mobile trucking apps beginning to pick up traction we’ve highlighted 5 apps that help drivers put more money in their pockets.

Cargomatic – Often called the “Uber for truckers” Cargomatic connects shippers with mostly independent truckers who happen to have unused space in their trailer and can make an extra stop along their route. Shippers tell Cargomatic the item they are shipping the desired arrival date along with the pickup and drop-off location. Once the drivers see these listings in the app and accept the offer the shippers are provided with live updates until the delivery is completed. Unlike load boards where 95 percent of its freight is longhaul Cargomatic looks to differentiate itself by solely focusing on the local market. A recent study forecasts that mobile freight brokering will generate $26.4 billion in revenue in the next decade and Cargomatic looks to be a big player.  

Trucker PathTrucker Path looks to make life on the road a lot easier by being your one-stop truck stop guide. Find out nearby rest tops the number of available parking spots nearby weigh stations number of scales closest truck washes and other services by searching through the app. Read and share your reviews with others to leave an accurate account of each stop and station.

DriveWyze – The average trucker spends $9 or more in fuel when going through a weigh station. DriveWyze hopes to eliminate that by allowing drivers to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites. DriveWyze partnered with 35 state commercial vehicle enforcement agencies to allow drivers with good histories to bypass many stops by running their DOT information through a federal database.

Hotels4Truckers (MyDAT Trucker) – A lot of hotels say they are trucker friendly but not all of them have room to park. Hotels4Truckers has visited all the hotels in their database to ensure they are 100% trucker friendly. Over 25 major brands and many independent hotels are a part of the Hotels4Truckers network offering discounts of 15 to 20 percent on rates. The discounts are great but saving time by not looking for a place to park the rig makes this app a must-have.

KeepTruckin KeepTruckin is an electronic logbook app approved by the DOT where drivers can log hours and receive alerts if there are any possible violations. Drivers can instantly print fax or email their logs to their officer getting rid of the hassle of paper and pen.

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