Driver Turns One Million Miles In Record Time

By: Boyd Bros. Transportation

Boyd Bros. Transportation recently honored company driver Calvin J. Pearson for reaching the one million mile career milestone in only nine years.  Out of the company’s 750 drivers, Pearson is the 123rd person to achieve this feat in the company’s 51-year history.

     “It’s a great accomplishment for me.  It usually takes a driver about 10 years to do this.  I saw an easy way to earn the miles and went for it,” said Pearson.  “Instead of sitting at home when I was off work, I chose to be out turning the wheels.  Those miles came in easy.”

    Pearson acknowledges the hometime options at Boyd Bros. as the primary reason he achieved his goal.  “I go out on the road for four weeks, and Boyd gives me a week off.  I can do what I need to do during the week and dedicate my weekends to earning extra miles,” he said.

    Reaching this career landmark is one of many honors Pearson has earned during his nine-year tenure with the company.  According to Betty Nix, Director of Recruiting at Boyd Bros., “Calvin is an incredibly dedicated worker and an important member of our family.  We are so proud of him.  He has achieved so much with us.”

    Pearson attributes his success to setting firm goals.  “First, I wanted to get hired.  Then, I wanted to make the Boyd Bros. Five Star Program, because you get an additional three cents per mile.  Once I mastered that, my goals kept getting easier, and I had to find another challenge,” said Pearson.  “For me, that challenge was achieving one million miles.”

    To commemorate this significant moment, Boyd Bros. hosted a celebration in Pearson’s honor.  “Boyd Bros. is a great company.  They gave me an opportunity to express my feelings, and higher-ups acknowledged my good work in front of my peers.  That meant a lot to me,” he said.

    To further honor this significant accomplishment, Pearson receives a diamond ring with the Boyd Bros. logo as well as a trophy, a check for $1,500, a personal letter from the owner of the company acknowledging his achievements, and much more.

    A native of Flint, Mich., Pearson resides in Leland, N.C.  Before joining Boyd Bros., he served four years in the Marine Corps, where he drove trucks for the military.  “I am not afraid of work, and I am not lazy.  If they take care of me, I am going to take care of them.  That is pretty much how I operate and how things have worked out,” he said.

    Now that he has succeeded with his professional goals, Pearson says his next great challenge will be a personal one.  He states, “I am going to continue doing what I am doing now, but I’m going to focus on getting my daughter to college.  I love her.  I am trying to stay employed and maintain a good, clean work history to afford the tuition for what she is trying to do.”

    Pearson’s daughter, Mercedes, is setting her sights on the medical field.  She usually travels on the road with her father in the summer months.  He states, “That is another reason I chose to work for Boyd Bros.  I wanted a rider program that would enable my daughter to travel with me.  I have that at Boyd.”

    Boyd Bros., headquartered in Clayton, Ala., salutes Pearson on this significant accomplishment.  Whether you are a company driver, owner operator, or are looking for a great lease purchase program, the best partnerships in the industry are made at Boyd.

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