Ron Hicks-Positive Attitude keeps him running!

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Birmingham, Alabama - CRST Malone Owner Operator Ron Hicks may keep a low profile, but his excellent work for the company does not go unnoticed. A true professional, Hicks began his career in truck driving back in 1973. He has been with CRST for four years now and appreciates the freedom and independence he receives in working for this company.

Hicks original interest in truck driving arose from the flexibility of the job. I really love the independence I get in driving a truck,claims Hicks. CRST Malone is always flexible and understanding, and whenever I need to go home they let me go with no complaints.

Aside from the flexibility that CRST Malone provides, their competitive pay, excellent equipment, and great staff are also what made the company initially appealing to Hicks. Their freight rates are better than many other trucking outfits, Hicks states. Not only that, but everybody treats me so well here. They are always willing to help if I ever have a need a hand.

Hicks is grateful for his job, and he tries to maintain as positive an attitude as possible. Some truck drivers have bad attitudes, and that, in turn, affects their work, he says. I avoid all negative attitudes because I dont want their negativity to rub off on me. I just always try to keep a low profile and a positive attitude.

The humble man that he is, Hicks takes pride in his work for CRST Malone and appreciates the benefits and opportunities the company has given him. They let me run locally if I want to, which is nice, but I really enjoy the longer runs,says Hicks. I especially love driving cross country to California. The freedom is great.

When Hicks gets home, he spends most of his time boating and tubing down the Suwanee River. He loves being outside and feels that his time on the river is very relaxing. Along with truck driving, of course, kicking back and enjoying nature is another way that Hicks experiences freedom.

Hicks has received several safe driver awards from CRST Malone, and safety is one of the most important things he adheres to while on the road. I keep safety in mind at all times, he claims. Along with keeping a positive attitude, safety is of the utmost importance in this occupation. You have to constant be alert and careful.

Hicks is an exemplary driver for CRST Malone, and he hopes to stay with the company for years to come. Mr. Hicks is a hard-working driver,says Sherry Bass, Head of Capacity Development. It really says a lot about CRST Malone that a guy like this chooses to partner with us.

As for his career with Malone, Hicks plans looks forward to a long, prosperous future. The great freight rates, flexible hometime, and excellent treatment I receive here make [CRST Malone] a wonderful company to work for, Hicks states. As long you have a positive attitude, learn from experience, and constantly keep safety in mind, you can do great in this industry. Thats what has gotten me so far. Now, those are true words of wisdom.

If you are ready to make a change in your career, CRST Malone is as committed to your success as you are. CRST Malone is 100% Owner Operator, which means steady freight and no competition with company trucks. Since you are paid a percentage of gross there is no waiting for a pay raise; we have them all year long! Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, CRST Malone currently operates over 1500 trucks running throughout the contiguous United States. To learn more about becoming a CRST Malone Owner Operator visit or call 1-800-366-6361.

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