David Schwandt: A Two Million Mile Master

By: Malone Powered by CRST

Birmingham, Alabama - For many professional truck drivers, reaching the million mile mark is the greatest achievement in their truck driving career.  For CRST Malone Owner Operator David Schwandt, however, that point was reached a long time ago.  Driving for Malone since 1982, Schwandt has amazingly passed the two million mile mark, receiving both the Million Miler and Two Million Miler award, a feat not many drivers can attain. 


A truly experienced driver, Schwandt began his career 40 years ago in 1966, after leaving the army.  With a wife to support and a home to provide, he realized that truck driving was a wise path to pursue.  After working for several years with another company, he joined CRST Malone upon hearing what they had to offer.  ?I never considered anyone else after I found out about Malone,? claims Schwandt.  ?I love the independence.  The freedom of getting to go where I want when I want, along with the great pay rates and the frequent hometime, make this company the best to work for.?

Schwandt recently had the pleasure of delivering the scoreboard to the new Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play.  A ?major leaguer? in the trucking industry, the task was fitting for Scwandt now reaching the two million mile mark without any accidents.

Schwandt has now been an Owner Operator with CRST Malone for almost a quarter of a century and has no desire to go anywhere else.  ?I am treated like a professional here,? states Schwandt.  ?They work around any issues I have, and if I need help they are always there to lend a helping hand.?  Schwandt enjoys owning his own truck.  Not only is he proud of the truck he drives, but he is equally proud of the work he does for Malone. 


Likewise, CRST Malone is grateful for the valuable business partner they have in David Schwandt.  Aside from the highly regarded accomplishment of becoming a Two Million Miler, he also received recognition as Owner Operator of the month last year and was named Owner Operator of the Year in 1993.  ?Mr. Schwandt represents the kind of professional that all drivers aspire to be,? says Sherry Bass, Vice President of Capacity Development.  ?He is the best of the best. It really says a lot about CRST Malone that a guy like this chooses to partner with us.?


Schwandt covers a lot of ground while he?s out on the road, and he stays a busy man.   Likewise, when he gets home he is busy, as well.  Spending time with his wife, Carolyn, two grown sons, Les and Russell, and three grandchildren, Samantha, Melissa and Cassidy, gives Schwandt a lot to look forward to when he gets home.  In fact, playing with his grandchildren is one of his favorite pastimes.  Family is extremely important to Schwandt, as it is to CRST Malone.  Aside from the quality time he spends with his family, Schwandt also enjoys working on cars and selling items on eBay when he has a chance.


As far as loyal, dedicated employees go, David Schwandt is at the top of CRST Malone?s list.  This two million mile Owner Operator is truly a role model for less experienced and well-established Malone drivers, alike.  Schwandt is thankful for his job at Malone and constantly refers the company to potential truck drivers all around.  ?I will always refer people to [Malone],? he claims.  ?I am proud of my job and want others to see that this is a great company to work for.? 

If you are ready to make a change in your career, CRST Malone is as committed to your success as you are. CRST Malone is 100% Owner Operator, which means steady freight and no competition with company trucks. Since you are paid a percentage of gross there is no waiting for a pay raise; we have them all year long!  Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, CRST Malone currently operates over 1600 trucks running throughout the contiguous United States. To learn more about becoming a CRST Malone Owner Operator visit www.crstmalone.com or call 1-800-366-6361.


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