Star Blue Logistics

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1226 Hamilton Ct #C, Cary, NC 27511

Type of Employment Offered

Company Driver Van Company Driver Flatbed
Company Driver Reefer

Company Details

Freight Brokerage and Recruiting

If you are not responsive to emails, text messages, phones, please do not apply (our success is largely based on communication).

When setting up the initial phone interview and if chosen to move forward in the hiring process you will be asked to respond with specific documentation, if there is a delay in response, we will no longer be considered for the position (your time and our time is valuable).

We are not a sales department, thus, we do not place inaccurate or false information in our Ads, everything hereby within is true and the promise of our company and brand will be fulfilled and properly represented.

All our trucks/equipment are deep cleaned with respect to COVID 19 and state regulations.

Once again, if you know you will not be responsive, please refrain from applying to this position.

If you meet all the above requirements please call:

1-888-258-3540 (and leave a voicemail and text message if there is no answer).

Hiring Area by City

Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA

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North Carolina South Dakota Virginia