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50 FOUNTAIN PLAZA, Buffalo, NY 14202

(716) 359-2390

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Chiadex Transportation is a full-service transportation company that offers a range of expedite services with an Agile, Customer-focused Approach and Methodology. We incorporate timeliness, professional customer service, product safety and environmental sustainability into a streamlined approach for each customer intended to provide the best and most dependable operation in the industry. We focus on providing a custom solution to our customers through expertise and extraordinary customer service provision. Since our founding, we have successfully aided thousands of customers across the continent; a number which continues to rapidly grow. We have a dedicated and highly trained team that works systematically to superbly satisfy all of the customer’s needs. We create a streamlined and logistical approach to transportation requirements based on your unique needs. Please see our “Services” section for an extensive list and explanation of what we are able to provide. We have built a solid reputation for delivering value through hard work and a commitment to satisfying customer’s unique needs by offering diverse equipment and pricing solutions.