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9725 Cogdill Rd Suite 203, Knoxville , TN 37932

(865) 463-4097

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Marble City logistics was founded by Nabil Elajam and Brad Cooch. Nabil owned a small trucking company that operated dry vans and intermodal containers all over the southeastern United States. Brad owned a small trucking company as well that focused on intermodal freight in the southeast. Nabil and Brad came together because they saw the opportunity to create a logistics company that provided world-class customer service and treated their drivers like family.

When you see their trucks with the Marble City Logistics logos on the side of them, it is more than just a name to these two. It’s a symbol of home wherever the trucks are at, just like the beautiful Knoxville marble that is encompassed into the many famous structures around the United States. Marble City Logistics wants to carry the pride of Knoxville all over the United States to its customers and be able to give back to the community that has given so much to them over the years.

Marble City Logistics is here to serve our customers’ needs with our foundation built on professionalism, communication, and dependability.

The team at Marble City Logistics would love to talk more about how they can serve your freight needs or if you are a driver looking for a forever home.

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