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We are a small family runned business with over 25 yrs of experience. We treat our drivers with respect. When we find a good driver they end up staying and very happy working with is. My son is now running the business and we attend to add 10 trucks in the next year. We are looking for good dependable honest drivers. When we issue a truck to a driver it is there truck and no other driver will have access or use in it. We try to customize the truck to drivers needs like fridge/ freezer, microwave, printer scanner and internet. We run a driver for a month and if its working out there happy and we are happy. We provide that and whatever else we can to keep the driver happy and comfortable.

We currently have a couple drivers who take there home time in the truck we try to find loads wherever they want to take there time, ex. Wedding, aunts house. We pay a flat 20 percent of gross. ( true 20%) we provide drivers with rate cons for ever load they do. Trucks gross a min of 5 thousand on a bad week and up to 10 thousand on a good week. We pay drivers on a 1099 and they are responsible for their own taxes. We have them sign a contractor/ carrier agreement. Like to have our drivers have a min of 2 yrs over the road experience. Our drivers are over the road min of 2 weeks at a time. 3 weeks preferred. We run reefer loads most of the time. Dairy/ produce mostly. Its nice if a driver has a safe place to park truck/ trailer on home time. Our pay period is tuesday night to wed morning. Pay day is friday by end of business day.