Mentor Ways Trucking

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387 Wellington Point Dr NE, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

(704) 773-5270

Type of Employment Offered

Company Driver Van
Company Driver Flatbed

Company Details

Trucking company looking to grow a stable fleet within the next two years. We value people, efficiency, prompt service and professionalism at every turn.

1. 1099
2. Insurance will be covered
3. Min 3 years experience w/ flatbed experience
4. Starting 25% of weekly revenue before gas
5. Must pass background and drug screening (random)
6. Can't guarantee home every weekend
7. Truck will be stored in Atlanta, GA
8. Must keep all paperwork, receipts, etc
9. Truck and trailer will be inspected every 6 months
10. All issues should come through ownership

Hiring Area by City

Atlanta, GA