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PO Box 5638, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR 72119

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In the early 1920’s, G.L. Turner started his North Little Rock Arkansas business, The G.L. Turner Company, as a statewide distributor of parts for horse-drawn plowshares. In 1951, G.L. passed away, leaving his wife and bookkeeper in charge. The two soon realized they were unable to effectively operate the business, so it was sold to Joe Steinert, a local businessman.

Given the changes in technology, Joe had a different vision for the business, so he took the parts relegated to the horsedrawn plowshares to the junkyard, selling them for scrap. It was around that time Joe began making The Bush-Whacker Mower, patterned after the “Corsicana Mower”, a rotary mower built in Corsicana, Texas. Shortly thereafter, Joe received his patents and began selling Bush-Whackers to the various highway transportation departments throughout Arkansas.

Today, Hall Manufacturing continues its legacy as a family owned business, with the support and guidance of Robert Hall as President, and Mr. Bob Hall still having a daily presence at the North Little Rock facility! Bush-Whacker proudly hand-crafts its rotary mowers, and supports the local community by hiring skilled craftsman. The Bush-Whacker heritage that began in the 1950’s lives on today –priding itself on building heavy-duty cutters that are attractively priced!

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