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Cherokee Freight Lines provides a complete trucking service specializing in food grade equipment including kosher certified hauling. Our early roots were in transporting winery-related products, and we have grown to become a diversified carrier of food grade commodities serving some of the largest companies in the nation.

To ensure a bacteria-free environment we use a state-of-the-art washout facility, which is able to maintain an excess of 180-degree wash water for a maximum 15-minute wash cycle. The washrack can perform detergent or caustic washes. Wash water is a once-through system, not recycled for interior washes.

We use pneumatic units that are dedicated to the transport of granulated sugar exclusively.

Cherokee uses stainless steel food grade tankers containing both single and dual compartments for wine and wine related shipping. The tanks are certified for brandy, hiproof or beverage spirits.

Our dry freight vans, for general freight hauling, consist of 53 foot air ride semis, curtain and double vans, all built with lightweight materials.

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