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411 64th Avenue, Coopersville, MI 49404

Type of Employment Offered

Driver Training Company Driver Van
Company Driver Reefer Company Driver Tanker

Company Details

Midwest Dairy Transport and Midwest Direct Transport operate out of Coopersville MI and employ more than 140 people.  The management team promotes a driver friendly environment and a strong culture of safety.  The goal for our drivers is to not only succeed financially as a professional driver but also to succeed in their family life at home.  This is accomplished by providing the driver the tools and training necessary to complete the task safely, assigning the driver loads suitable to fulfill their responsibilities at home and by investing in new equipment that is maintained in excellent operating condition.

The success of Midwest Direct Transport and Midwest Dairy Transport comes from its customers and the professional drivers who service the customers.  Along with Midwest Direct Logistics and the majority of the company, growth has come by way of customer and driver referrals.