Gulfmark Energy, Inc.

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P.O. Box 844, Houston, TX 77001

(713) 881-3538

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Established in 1990, GulfMark Energy has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty, hard work and
loyalty. We operate along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf coasts and in five states: Texas, Oklahoma,
Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. We have access to 3,800 diverse properties and sell more than 2.2
million barrels per month to both local and regional refiners.

  •  We operate 150 tractor-trailer trucks, trailers and 4 barge terminals.
  •  Over 26 million barrels per year are delivered to multiple unloading facilities.
  •  GulfMark Energy currently employs approximately 250 people.
  •  GulfMark Energy markets to both local and regional refiners.