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Class A Truck Driver

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Caregan Transport


Job Details

Salary Info-
Home TimeBi-Weekly
Age of Fleet-
Trailer TypeVan
Employment TypeOwner Operator
Route TypeLocal, Regional, OTR


Thank you for your interest in Caregan Transport. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your first step to becoming a small business owner. You won't find a better Lease Purchase program out there. Our program is structured to pay you as a small business owner instead of a driver. 

2 years or more of current Class A driving experience 
No more than two major moving violation in the last 3 years 
No speeding tickets over 15 mph in the last 3 years 
Please read this e-mail carefully as it outlines our company and the lease purchase program. Thanks again and we look forward to helping you become a Small Business Owner! 

Where are we located?   

Richmond, Indiana (Located off I-70 on the Indiana/Ohio line) 

Where do we go? 

We go everywhere but California (Most volume is NC, SC, MS, TX, NM, CO, MT, ND, MN) all originating out of Indiana/Ohio. We will always reload you back to Indiana/Ohio so you will go straight out and then straight back. 

How often will I be home? 

Depending on where you live, you could be home EVERY WEEKEND and sometimes through the week. Since we reload straight back to Indiana/Ohio after you deliver, we can get you home as often as you’d like. 

What do we haul? 

We haul general freight, no hazmat. Most outbound is rolls of insulation or cardboard. 

Live Load or Drop Hook? 

A lot of our freight is drop/hook. 99.9% of the outbound will be pre-loaded and several destinations are drop/hook as well.. We maintain trailer pools at as many locations as possible to save you the time of loading and unloading. 

Can I still make money using E-Logs? 

Yes!!  With our drop/hook operations and since we pre-plan you in advance so you will know what you're doing next before you deliver your current load.  NO MORE WASTED TIME!! 

Type of Equipment 

Trailers: Dry Vans Trucks: Freightliners w/Detroit engine (2007 - 2015) 

How does our Lease Purchase program work? 

This is the only program that I know of where you actually have a chance to own YOUR own truck. You'll never hear anything good about Lease Purchase programs... Until you talk with our drivers. 

Am I charged a HIGH interest rate like most LP Programs? 

NO!!  We do not charge interest so EVERY dime of the lease payment is applied to the agreed purchase price! This means you will always know what you owe on your truck! 

Since I’m paying no interest, how much is my down payment? 

ZERO!! You don’t put any money down!! 

What's the secret? Why does Caregan have such a HIGH SUCCESS RATE? 

We keep your weekly expenses as LOW as possible and give you a $2,500 line of credit for repairs and maintenance. 

Do I get a fuel card? Any fuel discounts? 

YES! And YES! We give you an EFS fuel card and we have discounts as high as 70 cents per gal at some locations. We pass 100% of these discounts on to you. 

So like all LP programs, I’m going to pay $85,000 for a $50,000 truck right? 

Absolutely NOT! Our trucks are priced at market value, not "Buy Here, Pay Here" prices! 

2007’s ($7,500 - $15,000) Payment as low as $150

2013’s ($25,000 - $35,000) Payment as low as $175 

2014’s ($40,000 - $60,000) Payment as low as $209 

2015’s ($60,000 - $80,000) Payment as low as $359 

Can I really own my own truck in 6 months? 

Yes you can! Since we don’t charge interest all you have to do is divide the purchase price by how many weeks you want to pay it off = your payment. 

Do I have to sign a lease on a truck that I've never driven and don't know anything about? 

NO!  We don't require YOU to commit to a truck until after you test drive it for a few weeks, YOU can switch into another truck for any reason!  We are in the business to retain drivers to deliver as much freight as possible, NOT to sell trucks. 

If I have a big repair bill... Will it wipe out my check that week? 

NO!! This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this program. Drivers biggest complaint on OTHER lease purchase programs is that if they have a large repair, it could prevent them from having a check for weeks. With our line of credit, you will still get your FULL check . 

How much money do I need out of pocket for plates, IFTA, and insurance? 

ZERO!! We take care of all the expenses and charge back to you in weekly payments. This will give you consistent pay year round. 

What’s so special about Caregan pay? 

You are paid $0.95 cents/mile PLUS Fuel Surcharge on ALL miles. We pay you fuel surcharge on ALL miles so if you’re dispatched 200 miles to your next load, you are getting paid FSC on those MILES! NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THIS!! We also pay $150 per day in the unlikely event that you layover until the next day to pick up your load. 

Is there taxes taken out of my check? 

NO! You are now a small business owner. We issue you a 1099 at the end of the year and help track your expenses. 

Let us HELP YOU become a Small Business Owner 

There’s never been a better time to find out what it’s like to be your own boss as an Independent Contractor operating your own business. Right now, you can lease a well-equipped truck for a fraction of the industry standard costs. 

Caregan Transport offers: 

No Interest 

No Money Down 

No Credit Check 

Payments as low as $150 

Flexible payment options from 6 months to 5 years 

APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units) 

Maintenance Escrow Account ($2,500 Line of Credit) 

Weekly Settlements 

No Balloon Payment (last payment pays off the truck) 

No Trailer Charges 

EZ Pass Scale Bypass and Toll program 

Base plates and permits are provided at cost 

GPS - Trucking specific Turn by Turn Directions 

Fuel Surcharge on ALL DISPATCHED MILES (Empty and Loaded) 

24 Hour Breakdown Support 

Passenger rider program 

Tire Discounts 

Parts Discounts 

Shop Labor Discounts 

Fuel Discounts (Get up to $0.70 cents/gal OFF) 

Fuel Optimizer 

Save money on your trips with a free, comprehensive fuel optimizer system that provides you the best routing and fueling locations. Use our fuel optimizer to save you thousands per year. 

Non-Trucking Auto Liability (Bobtail Insurance) 

Covers property damage or bodily injury you may inflict on another party when you are not under your motor carrier’s direction, control or dispatch. 

Occupational Accident 

Provides coverage for medical expenses, disability, accidental death and dismemberment for work-related and non-work-related injuries sustained while under contract. 

Passenger Accident Insurance 

Insures each authorized passenger for accidental medical and dental expense coverages, as well as accidental death and dismemberment. 

Free Roadside Assistance Program 

Available 24hrs a day, to dispatch the closest roadside or tow to your location to minimize downtime. 

Owner Operator’s LOVE our Freight 

As an owner operator, we put your mind at ease with our 99% pre-loaded outbound freight and several drop locations to support our drop/hook operations. Less time at the dock and spend more time on the road = Making MORE MONEY!! 

Not only do we pass along 100% of our fuel discounts to YOU but we also pay FUEL SURCHARGE ON ALL MILES!!  We discount labor rates and parts cost by as much as 50% for our owner operators. We provide you access to resources that will help you better manage your business. 

We are a smaller family owned company that understands that our drivers are the most important asset we have. This is why you will have a dedicated Driver Advocate who is at your disposal every day to assist you with your day to day operations. 

I just got an approval e-mail, am I hired? 

Not yet, but you’re close! You have been approved with our insurance company. Now we’re looking at your background (ie, DAC Report, PSP Report, and Job history) We might call you with some questions. 

So... what’s next? 

YOU’RE APPROVED! Now just let us know when you’d like to start. You will come out here for a drug screen. 

I’ve completed the drug screen, now what? 

After you complete the drug screen, we will do orientation. 

What do I need to bring with me? 

Please bring your driver’s license, social security card, and physical.

What happens when I get to Caregan for orientation? 

Welcome to Caregan! Now that you’re here, in addition to all the usual paperwork, we will talk about our operations and introduce you to the staff that will have your back while you’re on the road. We know your time is valuable so we get you in and out of here in one day. 

What about my truck? Do I have to sign a lease before I even drive it? 

Orientation is over. Now off to look at trucks but remember you do not have to sign a truck specific lease locking you into this truck. If you don’t like it for any reason, you may switch into another truck…no questions asked. You will NOT sign a truck specific lease until you’re ready!
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Driver Requirements

Experience Required2 years
Licence RequiredClass A
Endorsements Required-
DUI/DWINone in the last 5 years
Moving Violations Last 3 YearsMax of 4
Preventable Accidents Last 3 YearsMax of 2
Lease PurchaseYes


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Retirement Plan
  • Profit Sharing
  • Stock Options


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