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I've had a couple of birds, a couple of cats, and a few dogs. Out of all of them, I liked the birds the best. They were in their cage at night so that their doodoo wouldn't be all over the truck, but spent the days on one shoulder or the other. You do have to be careful about doors and windows, but they were great.

While I am no a cat person, I would suspect cats would be next because you do not have to take them out for walks. They adapt to a litter pan quite well. I've also seen guys that had their cats "leash-trained", and that was interesting.

Dogs tend to be the most common. Often, they'll guard the truck while the driver is having lunch in a restaurant. Dogs need to go for walks in the grass and that can cut into driving hours with the hours of service these days.

To do it again, I'd have a bird in the truck, and a rubber mat on the floor.
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