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Thread: Is becoming a truck driver worth my time?

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    Default Is becoming a truck driver worth my time?

    im 44 and doing ok in life, but would like todo a little better (get some good health benefits and retire with something in life) and really considering doing some truck driving.

    my next question is should I goto one of these company sponsored schools, like Swift... or Pay?? I really don't have all the money to put up for a school or have very little chance in financing, I could come up with 1000-2000 with little problem, but not 3000+

    Thanks for any feedback

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    Any company that 'pays' for your schooling will be paid back a couple times over by YOU. If there's anyway possible pay your own way even if you have to beg a family member for the money. Many companies offer a tuition reimbursement plan that will help pay that back.
    If you do sign up for company training be prepared to work at a lower than normal pay rate for a year or more and your locked into that contract! If you leave for ANY reason they expect immediate payment.
    Do a little research on here about CR England's school and read about some of the students, you can thank me later
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    You're on the fence.

    Don't do it!!!

    Investing in a career at coolie carrier trucking is a crap shoot. At best.

    Settle down and enjoy the lifestyle you have.

    Coolie carrier OTR driving is far, far, far from the life solution that you are looking for.
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    Which state do you live in? Some tanker companies will reimburse the tuition to you. Not difficult to make $65K in tankers for a new cdl grad.
    Couple of union companies that hire new cdl grads are Nick Strimbu Inc. and PI&I Motor Express. Healthcare benefits for driver and family are cheap.


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