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Thread: CRENGLAND and "controlled substances"....What's the real deal here?

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    Default CRENGLAND and "controlled substances"....What's the real deal here?

    I have this doc I talked to at the CR med clinic in Dallas telling me I need to be off benzo's-klonopin, for 3 months even BEFORE i start my training.
    Gimme an f*ckin break.

    Is their ANYONE out there who has been on these "drugs" or that has any true inside info on this whole subject.
    I just find it a complete joke that once I'm off this med, I need to then wait THREE months before I can attend the holier than thou-NOT, CRENGLAND trucking school? :moon:

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    A couple of years ago, one of the guys (I believe it may have been the "Rev" or "Mythbuster" or somebody) posted a list of the medications that DOT does not approve for drivers of commercial vehicles. I remember reading the list very quickly, but I wasn't on any meds so I didn't look at it all that close. Maybe one of you guys that's far better with this search function can find it for him. I have no idea what it is, what it does, or what it's for.

    On another note, I never drove for C R England either. Not in this lifetime,and doubtful in the next.
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