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Thread: Anyone else turned down for being on 'benzo's'?

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    Default Anyone else turned down for being on 'benzo's'?

    The head doctor at CRENGLAND said I need to be off klonopin for 3 MONTHS before I can go there. 3 months??? C'mon now. I can get off this s* in a month and be ready to go then but then I have to wait 3 months until it's 'out of my system'? Sounds like BS, I don't know.
    Anyone have any insight to this? I mean how do I know this doctor isn't just a medical nazi and totally busting my balls?? Just sounds a little extreme just to TRAIN with a company...not be hired and drive for them!

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    It can take 3 months for drugs to work out of your system, and some drugs can remain in the tissue even longer.
    It's probably overkill for a low dose, but I think the Doc is being straight with you.

    One thing to keep in mind, whatever health you have now, will be pushed to the limit with driving.
    Driving might show you some weaknesses you might never realize you've had, and it will take a toll on your health.

    You will find junk food to be more dangerous than prescriptions, but then they don't screen for grease. :lol:


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