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Default Illiterate is ok! As long as we get our money!

Alright I just received my cert's, actually today in fact, and I am pre-hired with US-Xpress.. So no miles as of yet under my belt.. But I have some beef with the school I trained with.. I honestly don't know if this is how all schools go about there training but here's the thing they will still train you even if you can't read, or speak very good english... They have no problem with this... I in fact would love to hear anyone's feelings on this cause I feel it is dangerous.
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Old 08-06-2011, 02:07 AM
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This is the School, "Suburban Truck Driving School in, Romulus Michigan".
Well what got me in the end was they had a student, he was fresh out of Afghanistan, and only been in the states for about three months. His English was broken, and he could barely read.. But hey I mean it seemed to make half my class uncomfortable seeing as we are at war (sorta still) over there, more like policing. I mean I am not racist but isn't that how they attacked us in the first place with 911, was a form of transportation, and this guy is looking to get into trucking... Hmmm >.> Silly me for thinking this way, but what it comes down to is his broken English, and unable to read.. But this is okay! As long as the school get's there money right?!
Then they had another student from, Somalia. His English was much better, a little broken, but had trouble reading, and getting through the written course.. Otherwise the guy passed with out a hitch.... These were some of the things I kind of cocked my head to the side, and went huh??!! Really??? Wow I mean I guess anyone can slip through into the system, but this school condones these seemingly minor issues...
"Quoting the School" They made a point at the beginning of your classroom training, if you have trouble reading, we can have someone read it to you!
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It's also a requirement that you be able to 'speak the English language well enough to communicate with DOT officials.'
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