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Thread: MTA Truck Driving School

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    Question MTA Truck Driving School

    Anyone know if MTA is still around? I went thru their course 12+ years ago and was wondering if they were still around. I did a google search and came up with a address from CO:

    MTA Truck Driving School
    308 W Fillmore St Suite 200
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    But I haven't gotten ahold of anyone yet to verify if they are the same school or if they are still in business even.

    I think they were a multi-state company with headquarters in the keystone state. They worked out of PST's terminal in SLC by 2100w 2100s till it got bought by USX.

    I'm looking for them because one of their perks was to offer refreshers if you wanted them and since I let my CDL lapse a few years ago I'm just wondering if they exist even.

    Any help is much appreciated, and may the wind be at your back and keep the rubber side down!!


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    mta in st.louis is gone a new company called mtc took over their building and lot on missouri bottom rd. they have since moved further down the street across from brown campus hope that helps

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    Hello its Cruzer. I wanted to tell you about mta. I was at the laredo campus nice and mta staff good. Jan 2002.
    They closed in March.

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    Post Re

    why go for that company, which is already closed in march. Go foe new companies for Truck Driving School. It is good options.
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    I went to MTA in West Jefferson OH in the early '80s & I'm trying to figure out how I can get my transcripts. Is there a general place that would have such a database?


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