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just a side note...the 12volt freezer that I have is an Engel freezer. It plugs into a 12volt cigarette plug and keeps things frozen rock hard. I have the one thats the same size as your typical 12volt 40qt cooler. I think I've had that for about 3 years now running 24/7 and it still runs perfectly and with lower power draw than the 12volt coolers. Its very expensive at almost $900 but if it saves you only $5 a day(I probably save close to $10-15 a day) over meals eaten at restaurants then it will pay for itself in 6 months. You wont find them at the truck stops or stores so you have to order online.

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Originally Posted by Arizbri View Post
I know this is an old thread but for future readers, the best 12volt stove in my opinion is Tracker. I have a 12volt freezer in my truck that I stock with individually vacuum-sealed meats cooked at home and bags of frozen vegetables. I use two lunchbox stoves during dinner (one for the meat and one for the vegetables). Over the years I've tried all three brands, RoadPro, Burton and Tracker. RoadPro is absolutely worthless, everything they make is crap. I wouldnt even buy a pencil from that brand if they made them. Every 12volt RoadPro appliance I have bought lasts a couple of weeks. Burton is much better and supposedly the cream of the crop but I find that Tracker works better than Burton. Its gotten much harder to find Tracker 12volt stoves nowadays since Pilot took over FlyingJ but I recently saw them at the Petro in Joplin. My Tracker stove has been working for probably 2 years with almost daily use(minus hometime of course).
I wouldnt even buy a pencil from that brand if they made them.
:lol: Should I take that to mean you don't like that brand?!?!

I love my Burton but the handle is broken and I'll keep a lookout for the Tracker. Good review. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Malaki86 View Post
I have a Coleman that did quite well. However, when I changed trucks and didn't have the space for it, I bought a smaller Rubbermaid cooler. It has just enough room to hold a 12-pack of cans. This thing is amazing. Even when I have my truck fairly warm inside (72-75f) the cans on the bottom of the cooler get so cold that they'll "slush" up on you. I looooove a cold can of COORS.
I'm with ya, dude! Thanks for the tip. Hate to waste line 5 time on lukewarm beer.
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