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Old 02-15-2006, 03:23 AM
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I have used wax before and it seems to work the same as rainex for me.
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Old 02-15-2006, 03:29 AM
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I did not have luck with RainX on my truck windshield. blah
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Old 03-06-2006, 02:43 PM
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I've tried Rain-x a couple of times, and never had any luck with it. Left streaks everytime I used the wipers, and had a heck of a time getting it off. Same thing with the wax applied at the streaking beacon, takes about a week to get things right again. Almost like the wipers can't get a "grip" on the glass. I'll go "naked" frome here on out!

Heres a trick you might try though. Put some Dawn dish detergent in your washer fluid, cut through that "oily" film pretty good, I've even used shampoo, smells nice too!
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Old 03-06-2006, 06:16 PM
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I've been prowling these boards trying to determine whether trucking is a good career choice for me when I came upon this thread regarding using Rain-X on your truck windshields.

I have used Rain-X on my various personal vehicles and have always been disappointed by the smearing and the constantly having to reapply. When I had my truck accessories business I sold a product called Aquapel by PPG. It is not silicone based like Rain-X, lasts about 6 to 10 months per application and doesn't smear. You cannot tell it's there except when it's raining. I've had huge rain drops burst into millions of tiny droplets. Applicators generally charge $15 to $20 per application. Automotive paint supply stores sell it in single application vials. Really cool stuff. The following link will take you to the Aquapel page at the PPG site.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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Old 03-26-2006, 06:22 AM
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Rain X works just fine....

I have used several other products and replaced my wipes with SILICONE wipers on my last Freightliner from JB Hunt, its easy. I was the only one rockin Sylivania Silverstar blubs too - PN#9700ST just like my Dodge Neons...

Anything to help you see better is a plus.
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Old 04-06-2006, 01:26 PM
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I've used it on my car the tip is to clean it with alcohol to cut the old film off. It works great then.
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Old 04-06-2006, 04:41 PM
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You guys do realize that you can wax your mirrors and winshields with normal automotive wax and it will do the same thing that RainX does right?

I am sure most of you have a can or bottle of automotive wax laying around, try it and see for yourself.
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Old 05-05-2006, 12:15 PM
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I have also used it on my truck.I found it smeared and when it rained gave me more glare. I use it on my car and pickup..Works beutiful. So needless to say I just use the old stand by wipers.
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Old 06-10-2006, 05:55 AM
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Default Rain X and other solutions

Rain X is a good product. I road race as a hobby and of course use it on the race cars. One thing most folks don't consider is this: wax for the paint works well on glass. If you don't want to do the windshield, do your mirrors with plain carnauba (NOT polish) and see how you like it. when I'm waxing the street or race car, I just treat the front and back glass like the sheet metal. Headlights and grill? Keep it free of bugs and debris: spray them with Pam. Washes right off and there won't be any animals on the surfaces.
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Old 06-10-2006, 07:13 PM
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Rain-x works great in the daytime. At night time though it glares my windshield to the point it's hard to see sometimes.
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