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Thread: Eaton Fuller 13 Spd. Trans In 1979 Chevy C65

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    Default Eaton Fuller 13 Spd. Trans In 1979 Chevy C65

    Hello all! I have a quick question that I hope someone will be able to answer for me. I have been given an old 1979 Cevy C65 grain truck that I'm planning on restoring/customizing. At the present time it has a 366 gas engine and a 4 spd. transmission. My question is would an Eaton Fuller Roadranger Super 13 transmission bolt up to the 366 or will I have to wait till I drop a 6v-92 Detroit in it?


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    I'm going to say no. That's a big trans...probably weighs more than the 366. The truck doesn't have a two speed rear end ?

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    I know yu have t get an adapter to do that swap and there is a guy I talked to a few years back that was building an adapter a couple years ag to put eaton fullers behind a big blck chevy for a custmer.
    The name of the place is Wilcap.I went there one day to get an adapt. to put a chevy th400 behind my 354 chrysler hemi and seen a 13spd sitting there and asked what he was ding with it.His reply was I build adapt for anything you want,a cust wanted one for that setup so thats what he did.

    I think the site is if that doesn't work type wilcap in a search engine.It will come up for flathead ford aftermaket parts and engine/tranny adapt.


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