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Thread: Clean driving record, looking for new company

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    Default Clean driving record, looking for new company

    At this time, I have 6.5 years total driving experience, the last 4 at a single company. I'm not getting enough miles (1200-2300), though the cpm is very, very good for a company driver and I am home each day and weekends. Home time is nice to have, but getting ahead is a lot more important.

    I have 0 tickets, accidents and CSA pts and intend to keep it that way. I'm accustomed to using electronic logging, but I can go back to paper, no sweat. I live in Kentucky (not looking to move for now) and am used to running up and down I-75 a lot, but also have run the area bounded by Ohio to Wisconsin to Texas across the south to Georgia.

    What you get:
    1.) clean driving record to help your DOT standing
    2.) a driver that understands that looking out for YOUR best interests ultimately is the same as looking out for my own best interests
    3.) safe, dependable deliveries (I absolutely HATE being late)
    4.) dry van experience as well as reefer if you need it, though I'd prefer not to run cold storage facilities and grocery warehouses (too many delays makes paychecks tiny)
    5.) fuel conscious driver who will help you retain your bottom line
    6.) a driver who is courteous, amiable and professional with your customers
    7.) a driver, not a lumper or a mechanic, who almost never gets sick and likes to keep the left door closed for as many hours as possible each day
    8.) i don't run out-of-route miles unless there's no other way to get to your customer
    9.) plenty of SAFE winter driving experience (just do every driving thing gradually and you won't have issues )

    What I expect:
    1.) no big companies. don't want to be an employee number.
    2.) 2600+ miles per week (practical or hub, take your pick), EVERY week (barring maintenance issues with the truck, of course), as long as it's legal. I won't fudge my logs. Period.
    3.) detention and layover pay when it's called for (without excuses - I know some customers won't pay it, but that's not my problem)
    4.) no-touch freight
    5.) when out-of-pocket expenses are required, PROMPT reimbursement (next paycheck)
    6.) PrePass would be nice, but if necessary, I will arrange for one myself (I've done it before)
    7.) dependable equipment that is on a strict regular maintenance schedule (downtime costs both of us)
    8.) paid weekly, preferably direct deposit and not through COMDATA card
    9.) home time at 1 day / week out, once a month or less (gotta pay my bills, ya know)

    I've driven 9-, 10-, and 13-speed Eaton-Fullers, so whatever you've got, I can drive it, I reckon. Not crazy about DEF trucks, but as long as you've got the HP turned up and a way for me to not burn up in summer and not freeze in winter without idling, DEF trucks shouldn't be an issue. (Most companies don't understand that choking HP down plus idling is what creates problems with DEF trucks.)

    I'm not young (at nearly 61), but I'll be working for the next 20 years [barring a Powerball jackpot. ]

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    Call me - We are in Charlotte, NC and looking for an immediate hire as OTR. 337-422-8183 - Frank

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    NOW HIRING!! All your requirements can be met as long as you meet yours. Call 909-212-0865

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    I know this posted is little dated but wanted to respond. We are a small company located in Kentucky. We own a company that owns and manages a number if mobile home parks. We are looking a CDL driver for our truck to move homes in Ky and southern Indiana. email me if any interest

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    We are looking for CDL driver. Please call us at 404-992-4463.

    Thank you

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    Hey voyager reply at 2095218301 if you want to make 7000+ per month a very small company with dedicated run and extra clean equipment

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    Good afternoon. I am looking to hire a driver for registered and over the road service. Must be over 25 years of age and have a min of 6 months experience. benefits are available health, eye, & dental. If interested please contact me at 888-472-8118 or 754-307-0007. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you and have a nice day


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