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  21. anyone else do this?
  22. ROADCOOKIN....for any Facebook users who may be interested.
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  24. The Tree of Sustainance
  25. soy chicken anyone
  26. Strawberry Harvest
  27. Crock pot chili freto cheese dogs
  28. fold up bikes
  29. Any vegetarian or vegans here? How do you do it?
  30. Use food to stay young and lose weight; no doctors and pills are required
  31. Blood Pressure
  32. What healthy recipe do you like?
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  35. Crock Pot - Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
  36. No Bake Cookies - these are great
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  39. Chicken, stuffing and veggies - cheap and good
  40. Tuna Helper & the Burton Lunchbox Oven
  41. How many times do you have to walk around
  42. Just a tip for you truckers watching your wieght
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  45. Cajun Spiced Chicken Pasta
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  48. another trucking/cooking group
  49. Kat's Lazagna
  50. Twice Baked Roast Beef
  51. Home Made Toquitos
  52. A few lunch box oven recipes
  53. Smoked Squirel
  54. Fantastic Chicken on the Grill- any grill- charcoal or gas
  55. Drunk Chicken
  56. Chicken, Cuban Style
  57. Beef Jerky Stew
  58. Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine
  59. Heart healthy Trail mix
  60. Useing the Truck Motor as a Oven?
  61. I need your help with a recipie...
  62. Corn Chowder
  63. Bean and franks
  64. Crock pot beef stroganoff, very easy, very good!!!
  65. Crock pot French onion soup from scratch, easy to do!!!
  66. Quick breakfast sandwich
  67. Pita Salad Sandwiches
  68. Road Roast
  69. a must read
  70. high bp and colestoral, need some ideas
  71. French dips
  72. crock pot...inverter??
  73. My pasta turns to a slurry in a hurry!
  74. Portable 12v Freezers
  75. M.R.E.
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