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  1. multi car accident, over 100k in damage
  2. Experienced NYC 53' drivers Question
  3. Driver Logs for Tree Service
  4. Failed drug test reporting question.
  5. Omitting employer on apps/dac
  6. NYS Hut Tax Sticker Question
  7. log books
  8. Should Truck Drivers Get Minimum Wage?
  9. Two Days Left to Comment on Changes to the Hours of Service!
  10. Should 18 Year Olds Be Allowed As Long-Haul Truckers?
  11. ELD backlash
  12. Take 3 Minutes to Have Your Voice Heard on the ELD Mandate
  13. ELD's
  14. 395.8E false log
  15. ELD's.
  16. certifying after cardiac bypass
  17. 34-hour restart
  18. DAC, that time again
  19. Adherence to csa 2010 causes drivers to be pressured by carriers to voluntary quit jo
  20. Testing drivers' hair for drugs
  21. Log book
  22. Employment Verification:
  23. Random drug screen question
  24. Truckers under 21
  25. Speed Limiters
  26. FMCSA proposes new program to change how accidents are reported
  27. HOS crash course
  28. DOT reviewing delays caused at loading docks
  29. Possible changes to HOS regulations
  30. New state plan may affect trucks and its engines
  31. ELDs and HOS Violations
  32. Bill to end layover, detention, unloading pay...have any of you heard of this?
  33. Tail light regs
  34. Tractor and Trailer Annual Inspections.
  35. Question about Private Carriers
  36. Wierd Tire Question
  37. "Preventible accident" advice needed
  38. Previous company disclosure
  39. Felony Hiring
  40. Need help
  41. Lower that pressure before you blow a gasket - Hypertension and commercial driving
  42. Hazmat
  43. Renewing Hazmat TSA Clearance: Website and Phone Number Down
  44. Elog Mandate
  45. What all do I need in Texas?
  46. Fifth wheel position
  47. If Your not grossing a $1,000 a week!!
  48. Marked in pre trip inspection - got violation
  49. 16 hour day
  50. New York hut sticker
  51. Your DAC reporting company going bankrupt
  52. Fail DOT Physical at first place, then pass it at second place. Kosher?
  53. Accident Register Inquiries
  54. eLog edited by a dispatcher..Need info
  55. DOT Medical Card Question
  56. Buying a truck
  57. Hours of Service Overhaul
  58. Owner withholding Paycheck until i give up My Logbooks... need help.
  59. Previous employer *not* reporting you worked for them
  60. Interesting info on how Dac works
  61. Crash Indicator Training
  62. Log Book question "Total Mileage Today"
  63. Question for all you gas haulers
  64. failed vision test due to weaker eye
  65. HOS writeups-not right, chime in please
  66. Obtaining Hazmat (X) endorsement again.
  67. 34 hour restart question
  68. Pre-employment hair test for drug use....
  69. Hogan HOS violations,
  70. California compliant?
  71. convict cargo
  72. split sleeper
  73. Abandonment
  74. NJ weigh stations as safe haven?
  75. Hours of Service Overhaul
  76. Showing time for Pre & Post Trips
  77. JJ Keller Compliance manual VS FMCSA ETA manual
  78. help!!
  79. Teaming and HOS in a box truck w/ No Sleeper
  80. Question about California law regarding Air horn and City horn
  81. Marijuana
  82. I need some help here, I think i made a booboo************
  83. Looking for a referral to a good worker's compensation company in CA? Thank you
  84. Recommendations for Attorney or Law Firm that fight every ticket
  85. accident
  86. does this affect my mvr
  87. Any Harm in Requesting Free DAC Report?
  88. ARB of CA Inquiry
  89. 30 minute break
  90. Fuel Cards and IFTA
  91. Will the new HazComm standard with GHS provisions affect Hazmat drivers?
  92. e-logs and legalities
  93. MC/DOT/IRS Primer
  94. What companies hire people that completed SAP referral programs?
  95. New Regulations and past 8 days
  96. Maryland Restricted Routes
  97. property carrying vehicle not requiring a CDL...overweight?
  98. Failing a preemployment drug screen
  99. California truck laws
  100. California flatbed laws-help
  101. Per diem deduction
  102. Advice about TWIC
  103. Steer tires overweight? Leeway?
  104. triLital
  105. New career, old ghosts
  106. Speeding ticket and notifying state and employer??
  107. new class action against Hireright, jump onboard!
  108. carrier listing for MO
  109. Accused of damaging trailer tire!
  110. DOT medical card
  111. Roll overs
  112. Random inspections
  113. High blood pressure
  114. I Got Fired For Discussing My Hours Of Service
  115. Csa
  116. PA liscense suspention
  117. Time For A Posative Change
  118. What would you do?
  119. Failing a random
  120. Need help
  121. Judge Finds R&L Carriers Wrongfully Fired Driver for Refusing to Drive in Bad Weather
  122. I am a new "carrier", need help with DOT audit preparations
  123. Hino trucks and EOBRs
  124. line haul
  125. Paper work question? Scale tips please.
  126. Completing Medical Form honestly
  127. Sleep apnea and IL
  128. what to do when your not paid for a load completed.
  129. Blackballing and the DAC Report...
  130. Do you put BOL numbers on your log sheets?
  131. How to clear DAC report?
  132. companies who hire drivers with 3 speeding tickets?
  133. Southern Oregon I-5 Shoulder Driving
  134. 6 wheel tractor weights
  135. Over width in Ontario
  136. Window Tint - what is the penalty?
  137. transportation authority
  138. Active CDL + DOT Physical Expire = Can renew Physical?
  139. Sorry if this has been answered already
  140. Securement of 60 feet of Rebar
  141. axle weights for doubles
  142. When is 104" wide 102"?
  143. What are the dates for the safety blitz this year?
  144. Dry van, Flatbed may need tanker endorsement??
  145. Log Book questions -miles/mileage
  146. Log question - 100 mile radius
  147. $100,000 Broker Bond
  148. Are backup alarms required for DOT inspection?
  149. ATA sues FMSCA over new HOS rules
  150. Drug testing in Ontario
  151. Did you get your check from HireRight Solutions, Inc. Settlement?
  152. Haz-Mat
  153. DAC Report?
  154. What can your Carrier disclose about you?
  155. They didnt screw us too bad
  156. Intra State Authorizations?
  157. Ban on HANDHELD cell phones starts today
  158. Abs indicator....???
  159. FMCSA definition of a day
  160. One for the Master[de]baters… you know who you are… Question 1
  161. getting hired
  162. got a ticket!
  163. Seat belt Clips?
  164. Looking to lease/purchase.....BUT
  165. Stories of: Asked to go over hours- share yours!
  166. Woops
  167. Back to work!!
  168. Rules of Defensive Driving
  169. Local...small companies...what the heck...?
  170. not at fault accidents preventing u from geting hired?
  171. Is this legal???
  172. What can be on DAC?
  173. Information to support per diem...
  174. Previous company reported a 'No Show' on my DAC...
  175. Returning to the road
  176. CSA 2010 and Arizona DPS
  177. My DAC REPORT
  178. whats the radius?
  179. Can split sleeper get me home 2 hours sooner tomorrow?
  180. Canadian HOS
  181. Question about EOBR's
  182. Drug divalproex disqualify from driving?
  183. Need to get my DAC report cleaned up, any suggestions?
  184. New DOT physical rules passed yet?
  185. OOOOpppps
  186. OSHA Orders Reinstatement of Memphis Truck Driver
  187. No Call No Show's
  188. Judge rules driver was illegally fired for refusing to haul overweight load
  189. Dot Physical, Company sees your entire medical history
  190. If you want to stop the logbook changes......
  191. Is this legal?
  192. Weather is terrible, but dispatch tells you to drive.
  193. Mexican Trucks Coming for Your Jobs?
  194. Nationwide Cell Phone Ban for Truckers Proposed
  195. New HOS released yesterday before the holiday to minimize feedback from truckers
  196. DAC Problems
  197. CSA question
  198. Best Legal Services insurance for acc/tickets... Open Road?
  199. OOIDA files brief in EOBR legal challenge
  200. New Hours of Service
  201. Paperloss Logs Thoughts
  202. Hazmat Endorsement and TWIC
  203. Ohio wants to suspend my license
  204. Anyone know of a hazmat routing website?
  205. Preventable accident question
  206. FMCSA changes insurance requirements for Canadian motor carriers
  207. FMCSA cuts insurance reporting red tape
  208. trying to get a job
  209. One seat or two?
  210. DAC question
  211. DAC report
  212. Hazmat, tsa, prints? AHHHHH
  213. CSA 2010 delayed? maybe/maybe not
  214. Petition to Congress
  215. Cell restriction included in proposed CMV texting ban
  216. Garden State will allow rest period idling
  217. White House clears EOBR rule
  218. Motor carriers will also face greater punishment
  219. Updating log book...
  220. Border Patrol checkpoints, Teaming, & HOS
  221. info on getting hazmat lic.
  222. CSA 2010 and Dispatchers
  223. Oregon DOT (Just a rant)
  224. Transferring license to TX, FL...retake test?
  225. New Rule For Truck And Bus Drivers: No Texting
  226. CSA 2010 - An example
  227. Warnings... Counting against your Safety Rating.
  228. Stop False Information being Reported on CDL Drivers Dac Report
  229. just a pondering
  230. Caught up in a dilema
  231. Winter driving.
  232. west coast reefer regs
  233. How do i add my company to dac so it shows up there
  234. sanctioned vs. non-sanctioned on MVR
  235. I'm In Trouble Again!
  236. IRP international registration plan
  237. total weight i can haul? legally
  238. Whats your favorite HOS software?
  239. total weight i can haul?
  240. can you split the 10 hours in sleeper berth
  241. May Truck Company
  242. Will DAC be put out of business in 2010?
  243. dac
  244. More Log Book Questions
  245. Legal action to get some minor accidents removed.
  246. CSA 2010...all drivers need to see this
  247. question on carrying flare gun
  248. 34hr restart and RECAP
  249. Local Logging Questions
  250. Logbooks...