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  1. Vintage CAD Members Check-In
  2. What percentage of your income goes toward childcare?
  3. Do you know anything about this company.. I need yours thinks
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  5. Hey y'all!
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  8. Family arguments
  9. owner opp boyfriend having hard few days...
  10. He's stuck training/driving with an a**hole
  11. Hello
  12. my soon to be wife and mother of my daughter, has left
  13. Is he faithful or is he lying?
  14. Truckers wife and not happy
  15. A Helping Hand To A Single Mom Nov 2011 - July 2014
  16. Happy mother's day
  17. New grandparents here
  18. Its Funny How times they change
  19. Accident benefits and more
  20. can you beleave this
  21. There's help for us as drivers "PLEASE READ"
  22. Lonely and worried
  23. Trucker wives who go along
  24. Lyme Disease
  25. My dad had a stroke, yesterday
  26. Home Alone Part Three
  27. Parenting
  28. Easter
  29. Found my daughter... now what?
  30. The missing truck driver alert network
  31. Long Time Update Slimland
  32. Texting
  33. Prayers requested for my Dad and our family
  34. United Road
  35. Thanks for the prayers
  36. The call you never like to get
  37. fuster cluck
  38. Missing Dog NJ area
  39. The Family Films of 2009
  40. Help!! A friend injured in TN....
  41. Its Over
  42. My Dad (cancer)
  43. My Mother
  44. Son is off to Afghanistan
  45. prayers please
  46. Bad news for our family
  47. My brother
  48. It's started already
  49. My Aunt just lost it all
  50. Bandit's Dad
  51. Can things get any worse????
  52. my dad
  53. I was wondering if things could get worse
  54. An unfortuante update on Mom and Brother
  55. What an Adventure!!
  56. Santa's Wish (poem)
  57. PurpleTruckpickedupHitchHikerNeedInfo!
  58. Sick kids
  59. Wife of a Future Trucker *eeekk*
  60. Please read if you have daughters that use hair bands for their ponytails...
  61. Medical Insurance Option
  62. A few prayers for my nephew, please
  63. My wife's teeth - or the lack there of
  64. Getting a Real Life....
  65. I have Bad News.....
  66. Question for moms/dads
  67. My son's first
  68. I'm exhausted
  69. News on my brother
  70. My dad died on the road.
  71. What to say to (step) daughter?
  72. Asking For Prayers
  73. New to the industry and life style
  74. Mom's Day....
  75. Prayers on BEHALF of Hobo
  76. My Children
  77. Baby time..
  78. Happy Easter!
  79. Good News about my Mom
  80. Cheating Husband
  81. HAPPY B-DAY MOMMEE.......
  82. In Memory of my Brother
  83. Spook Stories and Trucker Legends ...
  84. Which Housewife are you???
  85. my hand ...:(
  86. Praye4rs for my wife and I
  87. Hello All
  88. Missing the road
  89. Please pray for my boys!!!!
  90. Please give your opinion!!
  91. My dad
  92. Priorities...
  93. A lost grandchild/Joseph Hall
  94. Just bought our first home. :)
  95. A mother's life ....
  96. Hey I think I like it here!
  97. With Who?
  98. Toy recalls....
  99. Envious of my coworkers
  100. Had a very interesting night
  101. "The Jolly Pumpkin"
  102. Halloween
  103. Goodbye 'swift'
  104. My husbands new dispatcher....A steriotyipical ditzy blond..
  105. Any wives that are also dispatchers here?
  106. For Sccheider Drivers
  107. Cheating
  108. It is hard to not show your true feelings
  109. Great movies
  110. I am glad to be part of this forum
  111. How many husbands leave home angry?
  112. Death while on the road...
  113. Truckers code
  114. Why? What?
  115. Desperately seeking Harold
  117. what do you do to pass the time?
  118. I need some advice!
  119. the hardest part for me is....
  121. My husband hasn't eaten in 36 hours
  122. My Family Think's I'm Nuts...
  123. Feeling abandoned
  124. Am I the only one gettting discouraged with this forum?
  125. new here, need advice.
  126. New to this and hate it!
  127. CB SWR Tuning places in IL or Indiana
  128. Looking for Lloyd E Shane
  129. Leaving the kids at home
  130. doing better
  131. New to the forums :) A Drivers Daughters story
  132. The dreaded extremely early call in the morning ...
  133. not sure what to do
  134. poor lil guy
  135. holy cow
  136. So excited!
  137. ITS A BOY!!!!!
  138. family
  139. help with 1 year old who won't sleep
  140. Kids are sick, thank heaven he stayed out over the weekend
  141. Sorta New...
  142. Re: Husband went to work and never came home
  143. I'm getting a new puppy!!!!
  144. husband went to work one day and never came home
  145. trying to find infor. on husband father he was/is a driver
  146. I miss work and family...
  147. Just purchased Horses
  148. Hi all, new here :)
  149. and i thought there was bs in the truckstops
  150. need some advice
  151. Final stage pulmonary fibrosis, scleroderma and cancer (upd)
  152. seperate or joint
  153. Hubby started new job....breathe in, breathe out...
  154. Hard to be the HEAVY all the time
  155. Hard to be the HEAVY all the time
  156. Lonely on the road...
  157. Do you think the $ is worth being away from home?
  158. Ughhh
  159. new truckers wife
  160. Advice please!!!pretty please w/sugar on top!!
  161. Lawyes
  162. My husband is on the way going to his orientation
  163. Ole Grouch
  164. Venting and a question
  165. Blankety, Blank, Blank Bloomin Blank Bank.....GRRRRRRR
  166. New and upset
  167. A leaving question
  168. Worried about family...
  169. In need of advice from an OTR wife
  170. Coming to the Experts for some answers...
  171. Just wondering
  172. The Last thing you should Pack
  173. Foolin around on the job.
  175. truck drivers wife felt up by fatherlaw please help
  176. pretty new here...
  177. Are you looking for someone...maybe this will help
  178. My husband just got his cdl
  179. Help with teenage son